American CockroachThere are actually at least 3 types of cockroaches in St. Charles. You can be quickly overrun by any of these species, yet they all have the same characteristics: they are bountiful breeders, and they eat your food. The diseases and parasites cockroaches bring into your home can contaminate cooking surfaces, wet areas, and food.

American Cockroaches

The most common cockroach in St. Charles homes is the American cockroach. This is often a large bug, measuring 1 ½ to 2 inches long. This insect has wings that are reddish browns. They are strong flyers and can live in just about any circumstances.
The American cockroach infest any place where people are found, or where storage items are found, because they eat cardboard, fabric, or wallpaper. They can gain access to your house through grocery packaging, garden mulch, or plumbing pipes. Female cockroaches will lay about a dozen eggs every single month, and only has to breed once to fertilize all of those eggs. The eggs are distributed in a small pouch just a few centimeters long. The pouches are hidden in closets, garages, or fireplaces, among other dark, damp places. While it takes the American cockroach a year to mature, and it only lives for one year. However, it will produce nearly 200 offspring in that time. The egg sacs protect the eggs from treatment, and so repeat treatments from your St. Charles pest control company may be necessary.

German Cockroaches

The German cockroach is a small breed that infests St. Charles’ homes. This roach will reach range from ½ inch to 5/8 inch in length, and they eat the same thing human eat. Wherever you find human food, you will probably find German cockroaches, too. Restaurants, grocery stores, home pantries and kitchens can be infested by these pests quickly. This may be the fasted breeding cockroach, producing as many as 35 eggs every 20 days. It only takes about 4 months for the German cockroach to mature and begin breeding. As opposed to the American cockroach, which may live in the mulch of your garden and foray into the house at night, the German cockroach lives only in the house. They wedge themselves into the cracks between baseboards and the floor covering, hiding in the tiniest of places when the lights are on.
German cockroaches will crawl over containers with traces of food on them, leaving germs and parasites behind. They can spread disease and leave stains. They also have a distinctive odor.

Oriental Cockroaches

Sometime called waterbugs, the oriental cockroach is about one inch long. They are a shiny black, as opposed to the other two types of cockroaches. St. Charles pest control companies will have to treat debris around your home, such as paving stones or leafs, because they will live outdoors and indoors easily. They usually come into the home across door thresholds or beneath sliding doors. You will find them most commonly in damp places such as your basement, crawlspaces for the home, and laundry rooms and restrooms. As with other breeds of cockroaches, they carry mites and parasites, and can spread disease on the surfaces on which they crawl.