Moscow Mills, MO Pest Control Services

Moscow Mills Pest Control Services


Moscow Mills is a few miles from the O’Fallon/St. Peters/St. Charles area, and about a hundred and fifty years from anywhere else. Even though today’s Moscow Mills is about six times as large as it was in 1980, the town still has the same feel. The town began as a water mill around 1820 and grew from there. Moscow Mills is nestled against the meandering Cuivre River, which explains much of its laid-back atmosphere.

Like many towns in this part of Missouri, Moscow Mills is full of people who work hard, sacrifice for their families, and expect a good return on the money they spend. These deeply-ingrained Midwestern values are the same ones we embrace at All Solutions Pest Control. That should come as no surprise, since we are a locally-owned and operated pest control company.

But we do more than share your values. We take an active role in protecting your home and business from disruptive and destructive pests. Mice, cockroaches, and other pests take away your peace of mind and harm your pets, children, and customers. We stand in the gap. Our professional approach restores your peace of mind, and our proven methods produce results.

Commercial Services in Moscow Mills, MO

Small towns like Moscow Mills have lots of small businesses. These often family-owned enterprises usually do not count on flashy add campaigns to lure customers through the door. Instead, they focus on relationships and on their bottom line.

At All Solutions Pest Control, we understand where you are coming from. Commercial relationships usually rely on consistency. Your customers need to have the same experience pretty much every time they walk through the door. They do not want inconsistencies, like scurrying roaches or creeping spiders. We also understand your desire to control costs. We work with you to lay out a pest control plan, so you can budget accordingly. Additionally, we never recommend any service unless it’s absolutely necessary.

We also understand how valuable your time is. We get in, do our work, and get out, so you can focus on other things.

Residential Pest Control Services in Moscow Mills, MO

At All Solutions Pest Control, we use basically that same approach in our residential service contacts. We want to get the job done right the first time, and we also want to be as subtle as possible. Fortunately, because of our vast experience, we can accomplish both these goals.

Every pest infestation is different, but we’ve learned that we get the best results if we follow a uniform pattern whenever possible. This approach keeps our technicians sharp and gives you peace of mind.

Typically, rodents and insects move from the outside to the inside. So, we usually start outside, even if you only see pests indoors. We scatter time-release granules around the perimeter of your property, creating an invisible barrier that might as well be the Walls of Jericho to pests. Then, we target likely nesting areas. Even if pests aren’t there at the time, and they usually are, this method destroys stored food and gets pests out of their comfort zone.

Next, we look for entryways. Some of these entrances, are fairly easy to see. Others are much smaller and much more difficult to detect. But this is not our first rodeo, and we know how to keep pests out of your house.

Finally, we treat the inside of your house. Typically, our treatments are effective whether or not you clean cabinets and do other things. We use a combination of products and insect traps to keep these pests away from your children and indoor pets.

This process sounds very thorough, and it is very thorough. But it’s not intended to be a one-time-only treatment. In most cases, that’s simply not possible. Your protective barrier, which is your first line of defense, needs periodic replenishment. Spot treatments may also be necessary in your house or yard. So, we recommend an ongoing service agreement, perhaps including quarterly retreatments. We want to forge a relationship with you, and not just blow and go.

Our residential and commercial treatments are guaranteed to eradicate most common pests in Moscow Mills, MO, such as:

       ·  Silverfish,

       ·  Ants,

       ·  Ticks,

       ·  Fleas, and

       ·  Spiders.

Many of our customers have issues with bed bugs and termites. Our service usually takes care of these pests as well. If we don’t get them the first time, we’ll come back until they are gone.

Bed Bugs

These pests are unsettling and frustrating. These little critters hide in bedding folds and become active at night. It’s impossible for anyone to get a good night’s sleep if these uninvited guests are in your children’s beds. Bed bug infestations are frustrating because, in many cases, the insects come you’re your home inside your luggage or on your clothes. So, these infestations are almost impossible to prevent.

Back in the old days, bed bugs were never a problem in hotels and motels. These businesses blasted their rooms with DDT and other powerful chemicals. But today’s bed bug infestations require a more professional touch. And at All Solutions Pest Control, we know how to take care of these bugs.


Many pests just live a few moths or weeks. But a queen termite can live up to fifty years. During her peak fertility period, she can lay about 20,000 eggs a day. That’s an awful lot of termites. So, these large colonies are usually under city streets and other out-of-the-way areas. The queen sends worker termites out in search of food. They will feed on any wood or cellulose. Furthermore, if they detect a food source, these relentless insects will chew through almost anything to reach it.

Every year, termites cause billions of dollars in damage to homes just like yours. Typically, homeowners’ insurance policies do not cover these losses, so you are left holding the bag. So, if we spot evidence of a termite infestation during an inspection, we get to work quickly. We know how to get rid of termites and keep them away from your home.

The All Solutions Pest Control Difference

Our professional technicians are standing by and ready to help you. But we don’t just show up and start spraying. Instead, we work out a plan of action, execute that plan, and keep you in the loop every step of the way. To enjoy a pest-free home or business, contact us today.  We would love to be your Moscow Mills Pest Control experts!



Solutions for Moscow Mills and St. Charles and Lincoln County

In addition to providing local pest control in Moscow Mills, ASPC also services all of St. Charles county including:

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