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    Pest Control Protection Troy MO

    Knock down and remove wasp nests and spider webs around the eaves up to 25-30ft.
    Liquid barrier around the property and the base of the home, and flower beds close to the home.
    Extend the barrier around your home, to cut down on the number of ants, ticks, and fleas around your yard.
    Treat the perimeter of the yard to keep bugs from entering your property.
    Treat around the walkway where bugs cross into harborage areas
    Treat accessible doors, windows, and entry points.
    Treat the eaves for where bugs like to nest.

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    We are highly rated by our customers, and have over 2500 five star reviews! We will do the job right!

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    We are fully licensed and insured in the state of Missouri. You can have the peace of mind, knowing we have you covered.

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    Need fast service? We are there for you. Most customers homes are serviced within 24 hours and some same day if needed.

    Pest Control Troy

    People in Troy need a locally-owned and operated pest control company that’s responsive to their needs. That phrase pretty much defines who we are. We guarantee removal of most pests in order to protect your home, family, and livelihood.

    Reach out to us today and find out what we can do for you. All our service projects begin with a conversation, so we are anxious to get to know you and your pest control needs.  Let us be your Troy Pest Control experts!

    All Solutions is proud to offer a professional residential pest control to Troy residents. We are very knowledgeable about local pests and what is necessary to eliminate them from your home. Our services include:

    Most homes need a regular service to prevent pests from invading, which needs to be done at least quarterly. The initial service includes an interior and exterior treatment.  with emphasis on the following:

    Interior Treatment

    Every home is unique., we will talk with the home owner about the current pests and do a more detailed inspection if necessary
    Treat along baseboards where needed and treat where plumbing enters the walls.
    Crack & Crevice
    Treating any cracks and crevices that might allow entry to pests
    Basement & Garage
    In a lot of homes the hot spots are the Basement and garage, so we will treat those areas really well.

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      Exterior Service

      Inspect & De-Web
      We will inspect the exterior of your home, looking for pest harborage spots. As we do so, we will remove webs and wasp nests from the eaves and entry ways, up to 25 ft high.
      We apply a liquid barrier around your home, treating 2-3 feet up the side of the foundation and 3 feet out. We also treat the eaves, doorways, windows, and other possible entry points to discourage unwanted guests .This will keep bugs from returning and reclaiming their disturbed habitats inside the home.
      Granulation & Perimeter
      To add an extended bug barrier around your home we will treat your lawn with a granular product and a liquid barrier around the perimeter of your yard, depending on the time of year.
      Ongoing Protection
      You will find that once your home has been treated and is bug-free, keeping pests out is much easier. Following the initial pest control service, we return within 90 days to start your quarterly service to maintain this clean, pest-free atmosphere.

      Pests We Help Control

      Residential Pest Control

      Missouri’s generally mild climate attracts all kinds of pests. At All Solutions Pest Control, we are ready for all of them. That includes pests like:

      Typically, these pests move from the outside to the inside. If you see them in your house, there are almost certainly more in the yard. So, our treatment usually begins outside. We target likely nesting areas, effectively dealing with the root of the problem. We also lay down granules around the perimeter of your property. These granules create an invisible barrier which keeps pests from coming back. This method is especially effective against rodents, because these pests often nest in the wild.

      Next, our technicians look for access points. Tiny insects, like ants, often use tiny cracks and cervices. Fortunately, our detail-oriented and experienced technicians know where to look, and they know what to do.

      We also treat the inside of your house as well. Our chemicals are eco-friendly which can be used around children and pets, but highly toxic to certain kinds of insects and pests. We tailor our approach for each family, because each pest infestation is unique.

      This process is effective and comprehensive. But pest control is hardly ever a one-time-only affair. Generally, we recommend quarterly maintenance treatments. Typically, we focus on replenishing your home’s protective barrier. That’s your first and best line of defense. If we must work extra-hard to replenish it, that’s a good sign, because that means the barrier is working.

      Our follow-ups usually include complimentary re-treatments as needed. Our goal is 100 percent customer satisfaction. We work hard to build long-term relationships.

      Commercial Pest Control Troy, MO

      In small towns like this one, customer confidence is key. It does not matter what kind of business you run. If your establishment is not immaculate, word spreads quickly, and customers stop coming. Word also gets around if your customers see uniformed pest control technicians onsite during peak hours. Often, idle curiosity becomes vicious rumors.

      We run a small business as well, so we understand these pressures. So, we provide quality services that are tailored to your needs.

      Rodents and insects often nest in out-of-the-way areas where no one will bother them, and they only come out to look for food. So, if you see one or two pests, there are probably a lot more where that came from. Therefore, we lay out a comprehensive treatment plan before our technicians arrive. That way, everyone is on the same page, and our professional plan gives you peace of mind.

      Our technicians are not secret agents. But we are sensitive to your business’ needs. Whenever possible, we arrive during off-peak hours. Furthermore, if it works better for your schedule, we often break up extended pest control treatments into two or three visits. So, we minimize our visibility to the greatest extent possible.

      Flea & Tick Control Troy, MO

      Fast-moving fleas are hard to kill. Flea bites often trigger harsh allergic reactions in pets, including things like hair loss and severe infections. Even if that’s not the case, fleas suck the blood out of pets, causing lifelessness and lethargy. Furthermore, fleas leave “flea dirt” behind. The feces and flea carcasses are sometimes even worse than the fleas themselves.

      Ticks can be dormant for up to a year. After just three feedings, they start breeding. Females lay approximately 3,000 eggs. These parasites carry a number of diseases, such as Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Lyme Disease, and typhus. These diseases are often fatal to people, so just imagine what they can do to the family pet.

      We use proven methods to drive these insects from your property and keep them away. These insects only respond to certain techniques and certain chemicals, so it’s not enough to spray powerful chemicals and hope for the best.

      Ant Removal Services

      Ants eat pretty much any sugar or protein. Even a small amount of either one, such as a bit of toothpaste on the counter, can attract and sustain an entire ant colony. Most ants nest in deep down, hard-to-reach places. And, if we do not take care of the mound, pretty much anything else we do is useless.

      At All Solutions Pest Control, we take a very proactive stance when we deal with ants. The more aggressively we treat your house and property, the less likely it is that we need to come back.

      In many ways, Troy has not changed significantly since the first town post office opened in 1823. Back then, the town was close enough to the superhighway Mississippi River to enjoy all the benefits of folks back East. It was also far enough away to have a quiet and serene feel. Today, if you live in Troy, your Saturday might start at the sprawling Walmart Supercenter. After a relaxing lunch at Big Sticky’s Barbecue or Casey’s General Store, you might head to the sights and sounds of St. Louis for the evening.

      Troy MO Pest Control Services

      So, Troy is not much different than some of the other towns on the fringes of the St. Louis metropolitan area. But there are plenty of things that make Troy unique as well. After all, what other town in Missouri can claim “Handsome” Harley Race as one of its favorite sons?

      At All Solutions Pest Control, we are heavily invested in communities like Troy. People do not want irritating pests like roaches, mice, fleas, and bed bugs to disrupt their everyday routines. So, our professional technicians always show up on time and ready to do the job right. We quickly assess the situation, perform any services necessary, and leave. If you did not see our truck outside your house, you probably would not even know we were there.

      At the same time, we never take shortcuts. We believe in getting the job done right the first time. Of course, when you need us again, we are just a phone call away.


      Solutions for Troy and St. Charles and Lincoln County

      In addition to providing local pest control in Troy, ASPC also services all of St. Charles county including:

      Give us a call today we would love to be your Troy pest control partner! 636-229-1395

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        Maryellen S.
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        He was super friendly and pleasant. I asked if he could come in & spray for silverfish, have had some upstairs recently. He came in, tackled the problem & offered to spray the whole inside of the house. Have never had a problem with any of the technicians. They definitely always do an excellent job.
        Carole M.
        Read More
        very nice young man who did a great job treating my home. He did the basement at my request and found a dead mouse. He treated the basement with bait and i feel very satisfied with his service. i have had nothing but the best service from this company and would highly recommend them.
        Carrie K.
        Read More
        Very Nice And Professional! I Have Never Been Unhappy With Any Of The Technicians. Ben Did Tell Me If We Had Any Issues With Inside Bugs To Call And Let You Know Considering The Covid19 Rules And Regulations. I Do Not Have Inside Issues But I Know If I Did That Your Team Would Be Out To Try To Eliminate. I Do Appreciate!
        Steve M.
        Read More
        Tech Was First Very Supportive And Had Some Good Tips On The Phone. When He Arrived His Mask Was In Place And He Was Aware Of The Need For Social Distancing. He Diagnosed The Problem And In A Short Time Had A Solution In Place. I Was Given An Explaination Of What To Look For And That Was My Observation. All Solutions Has Been Very Good To Me.
        Angela M.
        Read More
        Best Tech I've Had Out Yet. He Did An Amazing Job. First To Find Where The Ants Are Coming From And First To Find Where Carpenter Bees Are At. Put Bait Down And Sprayed As Well As Powder For Bees. He Was Even Kind Enough To Recommend Ways To Keep The Ants And Bees Away. I Highly Recommend Him And Hope I Am Able To Have Him Treat My Home Everytime. Raise Time!
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