Des Peres Groves MO Pest Control

Des Peres Groves Pest Control

This community is one of the most well-established ones in the St. Louis area. The first white settlers put down roots in Des Peres in 1700. No one is exactly sure when Osage and Sioux Indians arrived here, but it was probably thousands of years before white settlement. Modern-day Des Peres, with its many well-maintained parks, pays tribute to the spirit and effort of all these early settlers.

All Solutions Pest Control is one of the most well-established pest control companies in this area. Over the years, we have developed proven methods which rid your home or business of pest infestations. These unsettling pests threaten your health and safety. At All Solutions Pest Control, we protect your peace of mind.

Why All Solutions Pest Control

Many St. Louis-area pest control companies do not pay much attention to small outlying communities like Des Peres. They do not offer service at these places, only have limited availability, or charge large “service fees” just to come to your door.

Things are different at All Solutions Pest Control. We treat all our residential and commercial customers equally. We adjust our schedule to your schedule. We do not expect you to adjust your schedule for us. Additionally, although we are not the cheapest pest control company in Des Peres, we work hard to keep our prices competitive and offer top value for the money you spend.

Another way we put customers first is to work with the most experienced technicians in the industry. Our treatment team members have the expertise and tools they need to deal with even the most serious pest infestations. We also invest in continuing education opportunities for our pest control professionals, as well as the latest physical tools.

These standards do not just apply to our pest control professionals. Everyone else on the All Solutions Pest Control team makes an equally valuable contribution. So, our treatment teams are fully equipped in every way to deliver excellent service.

These commitments enable us to guarantee our methods and our results. Our team is respectful in every way. We show up on time, interact with you on an as-needed basis, and otherwise stay out of your way. Since we are so thorough and use the latest tools, we also guarantee our results. To us, nothing is more important than your health, safety, and peace of mind.

Infestations We Treat

Many Missouri cities have grown dramatically over the lats thirty or forty years. But Des Peres’ population has remained relatively unchanged since about 1980, and that’s the way residents like it. People here appreciate simple things, like peace and quiet. Few things are more disruptive than serious pest infestations. So, to protect your peace and quiet, we control a number of pests, including:

  • Fleas and Ticks: These tiniest of insects are also among the most threatening ones. These parasites carry a number of diseases which are potentially fatal to pets and people. Additionally, if a flea or tick bites you or your pet, it is difficult to concentrate on anything other than the itchy redness. Over-the-counter remedies, like flea collars, are largely useless.
  • Spiders: Only a few species of spiders are physically dangerous. Unfortunately, almost all of them live in the Des Peres area. The emotional danger is even more acute. Arachnophobia, or an unnatural fear of spiders, is quite prevalent. When they are outdoors, spiders are beneficial insects. But when they come into your home or business, that’s another story.
  • Termites: These voracious and relentless insects cause millions of dollars in damage every year. Generally, homeowners’ insurance does not cover these losses. If you see telltale evidence of termite visitors, like molted wings near windowsills, you probably have a serious infestation.
  • Box Elder Bugs: Unlike the other pests on this list, box elder bugs very rarely threaten property, pets, or people. Furthermore, they are not big and scary like spiders. However, these overwintering pests routinely invade homes and businesses as soon as the weather turns cool. These nasty bugs leave excrement trails wherever they crawl and smell really bad when crushed.

Speaking of pets, if you have house pets, you will probably have rodents, sooner or later. Pet food bowls are magnets for rice and mice. These pests carry a number of diseases and parasites, not to mention bacteria and filth.

What Pest Do You See?

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