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Hazelwood Pest Control

While our Hazelwood is now far evolved from the past, its humble beginnings started as a settlement of French fur traders and settlers in the later part of the 1600’s. French and later Spanish newcomers established the area rich in resources and in 1797 American settlers came by covered wagon to the area and developed into a small community of farmers and merchants. When industry began to take hold, nearby Florissant attempted to gain control over the area, but in 1949, citizens formed The Village of Hazelwood Board of Trustees and incorporated on September 7th of that year.

Today, Hazelwood is one the largest cities in St. Louis County, and a thriving business hub and residential epicenter. Not only do residents of Hazelwood embody the ingenuity of those who settled there, but continue to have the resilience of their forefathers.

Hazelwood is not only an incredible community—it’s our community. At All Solutions Pest Control, our family business is committed to serving our neighbors’ entire pest control needs with the best quality service and with the utmost customer care.

Residential Pest Control

Our company is happy to offer Hazelwood residents with an array of solutions for their pest control needs. Our pest control services include:

  • Termite Control
  • Mosquito Control
  • Rodent Control
  • Residential Pest Control and Prevention

Your first treatment will include both the interior and exterior of your residence. Our pest control specialists will carefully check your property for any possible pest entryways including baseboards, basements, or any exposed cracks or crevices. Our attention to detail is a trait we pride ourselves on, and our team will treat you household with the utmost care upon inspection.

After checking for signs of an infestation, our pest control team uses expert equipment, like our Flow Zone sprayer, to completely treat exterior nests and webs and remove all pest habitats from your residence. To ensure that all pests are completely removed, our technicians apply additional product to entry points, doorways, and windows, as well as spread granular product through the outer area of your home.

Our pest control team can continue to service you long after your initial treatment. Within the following 30 days, we can revisit your home to begin a quarterly service plan and renew our commitment to keeping your home a pest free zone.

Continued Pest Protection

 We stand by our service and our customers here at All Solutions Pest Control, and that’s why we’re proud to offer our quarterly service plan. Proper preventive actions keep pests away following a treatment, but if you’re at all concerned about an infestation returning, you can relax knowing that our service team has you covered.

Every 3 months, our pest control specialists will re-visit your home and apply an additional layer of products on the outside. If at this time you would also like the inside of your home treated, just let us know, and we’ll be happy to do so—for free. If at any time between services you notice pests, give us a call and our team will service your residence again—at no additional cost.  At All Solutions Pest Control, we’re committed to keeping our community pest free and our customers worry free.

What Pest Do You See?

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