Creve Coeur MO Pest Control

Creve Coeur Pest Control

Creve Coeur is an area of St. Charles County stepped and legend and rich with history. The town’s name, French for “Broken Heart”, is derived from its proximity to Creve Coeur Lake, but there’s even more to the story. The lake’s name is from an old legend that states a Native American princess fell in love with a fur trapper, but her love was unrequited—so the broken hearted princess jumped into the lake, which itself formed a broken heart. Though that is simply a tall tale, the lake and the acres of lush green parks make Creve Coeur a natural marvel of Missouri, and Creve Coeur remains as dedicated to preserving nature as its history.

While Creve Coeur leads the way with modern initiatives supporting sustainability and protecting the environment, like Millennium Park and Tree Planting Program, our city also honors our past with historical remembrance projects such as an authentic one room schoolhouse and cabins over two centuries old.

At All Solution Pest Control, we support using products that are not only effective, but safe for all members of your family. We strive to keep Creve Coeur a thriving, beautiful place to live by keeping our community pest free, and ensuring our neighbors have a pest control solution they can trust.

Residential Pest Control

All Solutions has an ample list of pest control services presented to our neighbors in Creve Coeur.  We offer these pest control solutions:

  • Residential pest control and prevention
  • Mosquito Control
  • Termite Control
  • Rodent Control

Initially, our service technicians treat both the interior rooms of your home as well as the exterior to your household. We’re sure to check all possible hideaways for pests including cracks, crevices, baseboards, basements, and even garages—places that other companies may miss. After a detailed, careful inspection, we begin the treatment process.

Our company uses peak equipment, such as a Flow Zone sprayer, to treat exterior wasp nests and spider webs. Treatment products form a protective pest-proof barrier around all entryways to your household.  Any possibly infested areas, like exposed foundation or the eaves of your home, are thoroughly drenched in product to not only clear an infestation, but prevent one from reoccurring. Through years of experience, our treatment team knows which spots to target, and pays extra attention to doorways and windows to make sure pests are completely exterminated. To be doubly sure all insects are removed, we apply additional granular product throughout the exterior of your home. 

Following your home’s pest control treatment, All Solutions Pest Control can continue to put your mind at ease. Within 30 days of our initial service, our quarterly service plan will continue to keep the pests away and your home worry—and pest—fre

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