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During their 120 million years on this earth, termites have pretty much seen it all. They have very well developed senses. These senses allow them to locate cellulose food sources and avoid some common termite traps. So, in the never-ending war against termite infestations, it’s absolutely essential to use cutting-edge weapons that termites cannot avoid, such as the Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System.

At All Solutions Pest Control, our methods reflect this same mixture. We do not discard usual methods because they are “old” or readily embrace different techniques simply because they are “new.” Instead, we always use evidence-based techniques to rid your home or business of dangerous termites. That mixture also ensures flexibility. So, whatever problem you are having, we will find the solution.

Preparing Our Termite Team

Termites are quite unlike other pests. Most pests nest in small groups on your property. But termites nest offsite in huge colonies. Additionally, once they are deprived of food sources, most pests move elsewhere. But termites never stop coming.

As a result, we train our termite control teams differently. The All Solutions Pest Control crew that arrives at your home or business understands the unique nature of these pests. That understanding helps them control them more effectively.

This additional training is not limited to methods. Our teams also receive special training in advanced termite control tools, as outlined below.

How Sentricon Works

Most traps focus on only one biological factor, mostly appetite for food.  But the Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System goes a step further.

When worker termites locate cellulose, they consume it, bring it back to the colony, and regurgitate it. The cellulose bait inside a Sentricon trap is laced with noviflumuron, a substance which prevents molting. So, the termites inside the colony die gradually, usually over a period of weeks or months. That means less disruption. Unlike other termite control methods, the Sentricon system requires no drilling in cement. Our technicians simply bury the traps.  We also have above ground bait stations for termite tunnels above the ground.

As the days and weeks pass, the termites are unable to locate the sources of the poison. Thus, worker termites keep unwittingly transporting it back to the colony. And, since termites return to the colony as soon as they find food, the scouts never venture beyond the Sentricon trap perimeter.

Advanced tools like the Sentricon system require advanced training. At All Solutions Pest Control, all our termite control professionals know how Sentricon works and have been properly trained.  Dow is the exclusive manufacturer of Sentricon baits. Therefore, the team that arrives at your door knows how to fully utilize the system they deploy.

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    Some Success Stories

    In study after study, the Sentricon system eliminated about 60 percent of termite colonies within three months, 75 percent within six months, and over 90 percent within a year. And, as mentioned, that’s what we do at All Solutions Pest Control.

    Effective follow-up is also essential. Termite eradication is not a one-time affair. These pests are quite relentless. If you get rid of them once, they will probably come back, even many years later.

    Sentricon’s combination of effectiveness and unobtrusiveness is a very attractive combination for businesses. Many historical landmarks, such as the White House and Independence Hall, are surrounded by Sentricon bait stations. That same level of protection is available for your business.

    Sentricon is successful on other fronts as well. Since the poison is not harmful to pets or people and there is little environmental disruption, the Sentricon system recently received the prestigious Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award.

    Of all these success stories, the most important one is your personal story. Only the Sentricon system, when coupled with some other techniques, gives your family peace of mind, prevents damage to your physical structures, and preserves environmental quality.

    The sooner you reach out to our All Solutions Pest Control professionals, the sooner we start working for you.

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