Silverfish are bugs that you see most often in wet areas of your home. However, they roam all over the home, spreading contamination and feces. They can be up to ½ inch long, and are silver in color – hence the name. They have two long antennae on their head, and three antennae-like feelers on their tails.
They eat human food, so may infiltrate your pantry or any foods left on the counter. 

They also, however, eat anything with starch in it, so books, glue, wallpaper paste, and fabric are prime targets and breeding grounds for these pests. They drop white, oval eggs, and lay eggs every week. The eggs can hatch in as little as 2 weeks, and the bugs live for around 2 years. St. Charles pest control often find silverfish in the attic and crawlspaces of your home.

To kill silverfish in your St. Charles home, call All Solution Pest Control today.

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