Silverfish: Pesky Pesce

Silverfish are nuisance pests commonly found in the bathrooms and basements of countless homes worldwide. They are not fish, nor are they aquatic in any way, shape, or form (although, they do love moisture). Rather, these pests are named as such due to their resemblance to a fish: they have a scaly appearance, as well as a metallic-silver sheen. Silverfish also wiggle left and right while running, which gives them the appearance of a swimming fish.

They can grow to be about ¾ of an inch long, and have no pincers, fangs, stingers, or venom to speak of. What they do have is a voracious appetite for sugars, starches, paper, grains, and fungi. While they are harmless to humans, they can be quite destructive to our possessions due to their peculiar nutritional preferences. Silverfish have been known to munch on books, pantry supplies like flour and cereal, clothing fabric and upholstery, and even glue!Silverfish

Once silverfish have made their way into the home, things can get out of hand quickly due to their rapid rate of reproduction. Luckily, they don’t stand a chance against a well-prepared homeowner. Below is a list detailing the habits of silverfish, as well as some helpful preventative tips for keeping these phony “fish” out of your house.


Sink Seekers
These scaly pests are often found stuck in sinks and bathtubs, as they tend to frequent bathrooms due to their moisture-seeking nature. They do not come in through the pipes- they simply blunder into the sink/tub and cannot climb out.
Pantry Plunderers
They love sugars, starches, and grains- three things that are commonplace in most pantries. While they don’t spread any diseases, they can still contaminate these foods with droppings, should they make their way into the packaging.
Silverfish are inactive during the day, and forage at night. If you find one, it serves as a good indication that there may be many more crawling around when nighttime rolls around.

Prevention and Tips

Sealing Exterior

Making sure the exterior of your home is properly sealed is the best way to keep silverfish out. Maintaining weather stripping on doors, screens on windows, and caulk/sealant on any and all wall penetrations all contribute to an overall less permeable home.


Eliminate Excess Moisture

Silverfish are moisture-seeking, and are more than happy to eat the mold produced by dark, damp conditions. Dehumidifiers are a simple way to reduce the ambient moisture in your home, and thus, make your home less hospitable to silverfish.


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