All Solutions Pest Control works hard to stay ahead of the termite threat in the area. Termites are a wood-eating pest. They thrive on any kind of cellulose, which is a plant material. This makes any untreated wood that touches the ground a prime target for termite colonies. They can also live on dead plants, wood in soil, and on the dead sections of otherwise healthy trees. Their mandibles are particularly adept at tearing into cellulose material, and they can destroy a house. If you have termites, it is important to call a termite control professional today.


Most people don’t notice the termite nests, unless they overturn bits of infested wood outside. But, termites live a very long time, and lay thousands of eggs. The eggs resemble tiny, white caviar. The nymphs that hatch look like termites, but are not much bigger than the eggs.


A termite colony is not always located in one particular house. Rather, the subterranean termite colony is usually found in an unexpected place, such as under the street or in the park across the street. The termite colony sends branches off to any food source, and the termites will live in that space as long as possible. The elaborate tunnel system can carry one colony of termites throughout an entire neighborhood.


The best way to fight termites is through prevention. Keep all firewood and house siding off of the ground, and check all of your fencing and decks for damage. Termites will not usually eat cedar, but people often have pine fences, rather than cedar.


You may see just wings from insects near a crack in your foundation or on the window sill. This is usually an indication that termites have landed there, and dropped their wings so they can burrow in. You may find mud tubes, too, if damp wood termites have selected your house. These mud tubes will usually be on the outside of the house, or in crawl spaces and on wooden beams.


If you think you have termites, let our termites control specialist help you today!  Call for an inspection.

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