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    The Best Pest Control Service In Bridgeton

    Pest Control Protection Bridgeton MO

    Knock down and remove wasp nests and spider webs around the eaves up to 25-30ft.
    Liquid barrier around the property and the base of the home, and flower beds close to the home.
    Extend the barrier around your home, to cut down on the number of ants, ticks, and fleas around your yard.
    Treat the perimeter of the yard to keep bugs from entering your property.
    Treat around the walkway where bugs cross into harborage areas
    Treat accessible doors, windows, and entry points.
    Treat the eaves for where bugs like to nest.

    Why Choose All Solution Pest Control

    Pest Control Guarantee Bridgeton MO


    All Solutions Pest Control’s regular service plan will regulate covered pests around your home or business.

    Licensed Pest Control Bridgeton MO


    We are fully licensed and insured in the state of Missouri. You can have the peace of mind, knowing we have you covered.

    Pest Control truck


    Need fast service? We are there for you. Most customers homes are serviced within 24 hours and some same day if needed.

    Pest Control Bridgeton

    Most homes need a regular service to prevent pests from invading, which needs to be done at least quarterly. The initial service includes an interior and exterior treatment with emphasis on the following:

    Interior Treatment

    Every home is different., we will talk with the home owner about the current pests and do a more detailed inspection if necessary
    Treat along baseboards where needed and treat where plumbing enters the walls.
    Crack & Crevice
    Treating any cracks and crevices that might allow entry to pests
    Basement & Garage
    In a lot of homes the hot spots are the Basement and garage, so we will treat those areas really well.

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      Exterior Service

      Inspect & De-Web
      We will inspect the exterior of your home, looking for pest harborage spots. As we do so, we will remove webs and wasp nests from the eaves and entry ways, up to 25 ft high.
      We apply a liquid barrier around your home, treating 2-3 feet up the side of the foundation and 3 feet out. We also treat the eaves, doorways, windows, and other possible entry points to discourage unwanted guests .This will keep bugs from returning and reclaiming their disturbed habitats inside the home.
      Granulation & Perimeter
      To add an extended bug barrier around your home we will treat your lawn with a granular product and a liquid barrier around the perimeter of your yard, depending on the time of year.
      Ongoing Protection
      You will find that once your home has been treated and is bug-free, keeping pests out is much easier. Following the initial pest control service, we return within 90 days to start your quarterly service to maintain this clean, pest-free atmosphere.

      Residential Pest Control

      We at All Solutions Pest Control offer an inclusive selection of pest control services to our Bridgeton customers. We are proud to offer:

      Initial pest control treatments cover both the interior and exterior of your household. Our pest control team will painstakingly check your residence for signs of infestation in even the smallest of spaces, and work with you to create a treatment plan to meet your needs.

      Following a detailed inspection, our team uses specialized equipment, like our 50 gallon power sprayer, to apply product to any outer nests, webs, or other pest habitats. To make sure all pests are completely exterminated, we apply additional layers of product to doorways, windows, and other entry points, as well as spread granular product throughout the exterior to prevent pests from returning.

      After your first treatment, put your mind at ease knowing that keeping pests away from your home remains our top priority. Within thirty days of initial treatment, our service technicians will visit again to begin a quarterly service plan, and make sure your home remains free of any potential pest infestations.

      Commercial Pest Control in Bridgeton, MO

      Business owners are concentrated on bringing in more clients, not getting rid of insects or pests, but when an infestation pops up in your business, the results can affect more than a storefront—these pests can be damaging to sales and reputation. At All Solutions Pest Control, we know exactly how to treat a commercial pest problem, and with our pest management plans, pest control can be the last thing on your mind.

      Our pest control experts are not only reliable and friendly, but are educated in the rules and regulations for pest control in your industry. This knowledge, coupled with our attention to detail and customer service, make All Solutions Pest Control the best choice for commercial pest management.

      Contact us today to learn which of our commercial pest control plans is right for you. We have many options available and will work with you to find which plan is right for your budget and your business.

      Termite Treatment

      The damage termites create can be more than merely destructive—it can be downright devastating. Not only a major cause of stress for home and business owner alike, these small insects feast on structural wood, and tunnel through beams and other structures causing possible instability and even potential injury. Due to this risk, acting quickly at the first sign of a termite infestation is essential.

      All Solutions Pest Control is who to call for your termite control needs with a three step approach to targeting, and eliminating, termites. Using the latest in termite removal technology, individualized pest removal plans, and the best customer service in Bridgeton, we are confident that we will not only eliminate termites, but set your mind at ease. Learn more about our termite removal plans here, and call today to find which termite treatment option is right for your home or business.  

      Continued Pest Protection

      Our company is happy to not only offer customers quality pest control services at an affordable rate, but keep pests out of your residence without the stress of scheduling regularly. At All Solutions Pest Control, we’re proud to offer our quarterly service plan—a pest control option that keeps up with your busy lifestyle and keeps pests away. By taking this proactive approach, your home can remain pest—and stress—free.

      Our service technicians will visit every three months on our quarterly service plan and apply a treatment barrier throughout your outer home. If, while we are servicing your residence, you would also like us to treat the interior of your home, simply let us know, and we’ll be happy to do so at no additional cost. If, by any chance, you spot a pest inside your home between visits, just give All Solutions Pest Control a call, and we’ll send a team over to service your home again—for free. With our continued pest protection, our customers are fully cared for throughout every step of pest control treatment.

      The history of Bridgeton is a complex one that spans over centuries of time. While the region was still part of the French Illinois Territory, Étienne de Veniard de Bourgmont, a famous French explorer, traveled here along the route that would later become the main way from St. Charles to St. Louis County.  In the years that followed, America gained control of the area via the Louisiana Purchase, and was named “Marais des Liards”, or French for Cottonwood Swamp, in 1794.

       As the area became flooded with English settlers, it was called “Owen’s Station”, and later Bridgeton.  Meriwether Lewis passed through the town in his recruiting for the Lewis and Clark Expedition, and it became a popular stop for travelers heading to the Oregon and Santa Fe Trails.  Growth exploded in Bridgeton further into the 20th century, and in the 1960’s, residential development created the wonderful place to work and live that we know today.  Bridgeton is home to an incredible diversification of business, history, riverfront views, and hardworking families all holding the values near and dear to our hearts.

      At All Solutions Pest Control, we’ve grown alongside our town of Bridgeton over the years. As we expanded as a company, we stayed committed to the same values we held at our start—providing the best quality pest control services at an affordable rate for our community of Bridgeton.


      Solutions for Bridgeton and St. Louis County

      In addition to providing local pest control in Bridgeton, ASPC also services all of St. Charles County and most of St. Louis County including:

      Give us a call today we would love to be your Bridgeton pest control partner! 636-486-7888

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        Linda B.
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        Tech Did A Fantastic Job, Very Professional, Knowledgeable, Answered My Questions. He Is A Definite Asset To Your Company! He Was Also Here During His Window That I Was Given. He Also Identified A Dead Bug I Showed Him And Showed Me Where I Should Put Some Caulking To Stop Bugs From Coming In. I Was Quite Impressed. Wish I Could Rate Him A 10!
        Robert D.
        Read More
        Like Many People, I'm Not Big On Writing Reviews Or Completing Surveys After Routine Service Calls But In This Case I'm Making An Exception. Approximately 2 Weeks After My Initial Service, I Called To Report That I Had Seen No Decline, And In Fact An Increase, In The Number Of Large Black Ants Within My Home. Your Response Was Very Positive And Professional, Resulting In The Techs Appearance On June 03, To Spray Specifically For The Larger Ant Populations, Which As I Explained, Was The Original Reason For My Contracting With Your Company. Following His Visit, I Have Had Virtually No Ants Within My Home And Very Few Sighted On The Outside Perimeters. I Am Very Pleased With The Results Of His Actions And Commend Him For His Patience In Allowing Me To Point Out Areas Of Concern Which, At Least For The Time Being, Has Resulted In A Much Desired Bug Free Lifestyle.
        Jessica H.
        Read More
        I have been using this service for about 2 years now and they are always great! They come out quarterly to spray outside and upon request for inside or extra outside. They always do a great job and take care of any problems. They are quick to be available for appointments and always arrive within the set window appointment. I’m very happy someone came to my door to give me info on this company!
        Shannon A.
        Read More
        We've been using All Solutions Pest Control for 3+ years and the company, the technicians and the service is always professional and top notch. This service/inspection did a great job, as expected They always do a great job and take care of any problems. They are quick to be available for appointments and always arrive within the set window appointment.
        Peggy B.
        Read More
        I Was Impressed With The Tech & His Service. He Was Open To Me Asking Questions & Gave Me Good Information. He Was Also Very Patient With My Two Little Grandsons Following Him Around Wondering What He Was Doing. He Most Definitely Should Be Tipped. Times 10.
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