Pill Bugs

Pill Bugs

Pill bugs, often called “roly polies”, exist throughout the world. The scientific name is “Armadillidium vulgare”, which is strikingly appropriate for this little, shielded creature, which curls up into a hard ball when threatened. The pill bug is not a bug at all, but a type of crustacean.

Pill bugs need a lot of moisture, and usually do not come into the house because the environment is too dry. They cannot retain water in their bodies, so they usually hide during the day, coming out only at night. The most common place to find pill bugs is under flowerpots, trashcans, landscaping timbers, and leaf litter.

These bugs eat decaying plant matter and animal feces. They do not bite, and do not lay eggs indoors. If you have an infestation of pill bugs, consider pulling all vegetation and mulch away from the foundation of your house to let it dry out and remove cover. A dry zone of up to 12 inches may be necessary. Also, make sure that your downspouts direct water away from the house.

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