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Our community of Ballwin was founded in 1837 when the owner of the land, John Ball, saw an opportunity to create a town close to Missouri’s Jefferson City and the resulting trade and mail routes. For a period of two days the town was named “Ballshow” but this was quickly amended to Ballwin. It remains the only town named Ballwin in the United States today. This small town soon flourished and later incorporated in 1950, and the buzzing suburb has only continued to grow since then to accommodate over 30,000 citizens.

Even as Ballwin has expanded, our town maintains a strong connection to not only our history, but our founder’s vision for the town as a travel and commerce center of Missouri. The Historical Society of Ballwin handles the upkeep and restoration of several historical monuments including the Blue Grass Stock Farm and historical baseball diamonds, while recent developments such as the solar energy array at the Ballwin Government Center place Ballwin on the cutting edge of technology. This mix of both old and new makes Ballwin a fantastic place to not only live, but an incredible area we have the pleasure to service. 

At our pest control company, All Solutions Pest Control, we don’t just service the Ballwin area—we’re part of it. We’re dedicated to upholding the standard of service put out by our family owned and operated company in the past while looking forward to a prosperous future helping the residents of our community stay free of unwanted pests.  Give us a call today, and see how our Ballwin Pest Control professionals can help you today!


Residential Pest Control in Ballwin MO

Our company has a complete list of pest control services available to our Ballwin neighbors. We are proud to offer the following services: 

  • Ongoing Residential Pest Control and Prevention
  • Rodent Control
  • Mosquito Extermination
  • Termite Control
  • Bed Bug Extermination

Our first visit to treat your home will cover both the interior and exterior of the property. Our experienced and knowledgeable service team will inspect the inside and outside of your home for signs of pests, paying special attention to entryways, baseboards, cracks and crevices that may allow pests access. Once the extent of an infestation has been assessed, our team is ready to treat your home.

Our treatment team uses top of the line pest control equipment, such as a fifty gallon power sprayer, to apply product  to the outside of your home to remove any nests or webs pests may have made and prevent them from creating further habitats. Special attention is paid to doors, windows, and entryways, and an additional layer of pesticide spray is applied there. To make sure pests do not return, granular product is spread throughout the outside of the property to add an extra layer of protection.

After your initial treatment, you can stay confident that your home will remain pest free with our continued pest protection program. Within 30 days, our service team will return to your residence to begin a quarterly service plan and keep your home free of pests.


Continued Pest Protection

Here at All Solutions Pest Control, we want to reassure our customers that our Ballwin pest control services are second to none, which is why we are pleased to offer continued pest protection services. With our continued services like our quarterly service plan, you can rest easy knowing that your home will stay free of pests and that our service team will make sure of it. 

With our quarterly service program, we’ll return to your home every three months to reapply treatments to the exterior of your home, protecting it from any potential pest invaders. While we are servicing the exterior of your residence, we are happy to service the interior at the same time upon your request at no added cost. If you spy a pest at your property between scheduled visits, just give All Solutions Pest Control a call, and we’ll re-service your home at no cost to you. 


Commercial Pest Control in Ballwin MO

Business owners face many tough obstacles—but a pest infestation shouldn’t be one of them. Pests can not only damage product, but can potentially harm your business—and your bottom line. Being proactive and creating a pest control plan with us at All Solutions Pest Control is one of the best investments you can make to ensure your business’s success.

At All Solutions Pest Control we will work with your business to create a pest management program that’s right for your business, and your budget. Not only can we ensure that all pests are removed, but we can do so with as little interruption to your business as possible. Our team in reliable and knowledgeable of all rules and regulations regarding pest control in your industry, while offering the best customer service in all of Ballwin.  

Give All Solutions Pest Control a call today to learn more about our commercial pest control options, and find the choice that’s right for you and your business.

Bed Bug Extermination in Ballwin MO

Bed bugs are hardy pests than can prove to be some of the most difficult to remove from your residence. The tiny pests can hide in unremarkable spots that are hard to detect, but our pest control team has plenty of experience with bed bugs and knows just where to look for them. Our service technicians will carefully check your home, looking for all visible clues such as eggs, nymphs, and mature bed bugs in bedrooms, living rooms, and on furnishings. After a visual inspection is complete, we’ll work together to find the best pest management plan for your household.

 We’re proud to say our bed bug treatments are safe for all members of your family—furry or not—while still being the most effective treatment. Our service team utilizes steam treatment technology as the first step in our bed bug treatment process, followed by a residual pesticide spray. To make sure our customers rest easy, our Ballwin pest control specialists completely treat your mattress and encase if in a protective cover that protects against the pests. Learn more about bed bugs and how we remove them here, and give All Solutions Pest Control a call today to rid your home of bed bugs.  

Termite Extermination

The damage termites can wreak on a home or business is infamous. These tiny pests can not only cause stress to the owners of the property, but long lasting damage as the tunnel through structural wood. While the potential damage of termites is well known, many people are not aware of how crucial a timely response to termites is. By addressing a termite infestation quickly, and enlisting the help of a professional, you can save thousands of dollars in damage from happening to your home or business. 

All Solutions Pest Control is here for all of your termite control needs, with a specialized termite extermination program, stellar pest control technology, and unparalleled service. Give All Solutions Pest Control a call today, and let termites be a pest of the past. 

Why Choose All Solutions Pest Control

  When choosing a Ballwin pest control company, it’s important to pick one you can trust. At All Solutions Pest Control, you can trust in our family business not only because of our excellent record of quality customer service, but because we uphold the values of Ballwin and commitment to our community. That’s why we we unconditionally guarantee* all services to our customers’ satisfaction, and offer the best customer service and a reasonable rate. We’re committed to keeping our customers happy—and keeping Ballwin pest free.  Give us a call today!


Solutions for Ballwin and West Country

In addition to providing local pest control in Ballwin, ASPC also services all of St. Charles County and most of West County including:

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