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Bed Bug Treatment & Control

Bed bugs have made a reappearance in the U.S. They were almost made extinct in the U.S. after WWII, but have reappeared in pandemic proportions in the last decade. This is partly to do with the increased amount of immigration to the country, and partly with the amount of travel, which has brought them back to these shores.


Bed bugs look something like little ticks. You can easily spot a mature bed bug, because it is about the same size as a seed from an apple. However, in the nymph and immature stage, they are very tiny and hard to spot. They are a rusty brown color, and have six legs.

Bed Bug Bites

You usually don’t know it when you have been bitten by a bed bug. That is because they inject you with an anesthesia before they start sucking blood. Hours later, you will find yourself scratching a very itchy place, and find a little red bump. While bed bugs don’t usually carry diseases, you can get infections from their bites if a welt develops or it is scratched too much. By having your house treated by a bed bug control specialist you can sleep peacefully at night again.


Once a bed bug female has fertilized eggs, she quickly moves to hide so that she can lay the eggs. If you have ever stayed in a hotel or inn with bed bugs, you could easily have received an infestation simply by setting your luggage on the bed. The bugs burrow into the seams of luggage and clothing, and make themselves at home in their new surroundings at the end of your trip.

Pest Control for Bed Bugs

Most state health departments recommend hiring a bed bug control company, such as All Solutions Pest Control, to eliminate bed bugs. All Solutions has a thorough bed bug inspection routine, and a comprehensive plan that will eliminate them from your bedroom, luggage, storage areas, and clothing. This is usually done in a series of steps:

Bed Bug Inspection: We will inspect your bed frame, mattress, box springs, couches and all furnishings for the presence of bed bugs. This includes luggage that may have transported them to your house.

Your Help: Our technicians are state certified in eliminating bed bugs, but there are some things we cannot do. We need you to launder all bedding materials and clothing and bag it. Vacuum frequently in the infested areas, and empty the vacuum cleaner bag outside.

Bed Bug Treatment

We steam all of the parts of your bed: the mattress, box springs, frame, and furniture . It takes 150 degree steam to kill the eggs. However this does not kill all of the bugs, nymphs, and eggs.
We will then apply a base spray to all carpets and woodwork, including the baseboards. This will kill any bugs that come in contact with the spray.

During that same visit, we will spray parts of your bedding and furniture with a residual treatment.
Important to this initial treatment is treating outlet covers. Bed bugs hide in outlets to stay out of site. We will remove the covers, insert a dust to kill them, and reattach the outlet cover

Fumigation may be necessary for extreme infestations. We hang strips that are toxic to bed bugs. You will need to leave the building for three days to a week. We will return and air out the house so that you can safely return.
We will come do follow up treatments if they are necessary. This is usually not needed, and a light spraying will take care of any problem.

If you have bed bugs in your home, call All Solutions Pest Control immediately for a bed bug inspection. We are your local bed bug experts! Don’t let the incident become an infestation.

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