Does Your Home Need A Bed Bug Inspection?

Bed Bug Inspection

Bed bug inspection should be scheduled regularly for people who travel a lot. That’s because bed bugs are, once again, at epidemic levels. Not since the aftermath of WWII have we seen this amount of infestations of bed bugs. In the mid-1940’s, the chemical DDT virtually wiped out bed bugs in the U.S. Since then, the chemical DDT has been banned. International travel has skyrocketed, as has immigration, and bed bugs are once again a serious problem in America.

Get Bed Bug Inspection if:

How do you know if your home needs bed bug inspection? The reasons can be very subtle. You may find two or three red bumps on your arm one afternoon. They just seemed to show up and itch terribly. These bumps will probably be in a line.

If this has happened to you, then you might have been bitten by bed bugs.

If you travel a great deal, you will, eventually, stay in a hotel somewhere that has bed bugs. The most famous hotels have had trouble with infestations and are inspected for bed bugs regularly.

How do They Spread?

Bed bugs spread quickly and easily by stowing away in your luggage and clothing. They crawl into the seams of your luggage and clothing, and you may never know they are present.

Most travelers place their suitcase on the bed when they arrive. In mild infestations, this is how the bugs gain access to your suitcase. They get into your clothes the same way. When they get in your clothes, and you pack the clothes into your suitcase, they will stow away in the seams.

When you get home, you probably set the suitcase on your bed at home. The bugs fall or crawl out, and do the same as you unpack your clothes.

How Are Bed Bug Inspections Done?

You need an exterminator to come inspect your house for bed bugs. First, he will check out your mattress and bed frame. These nasty little bugs are attracted to CO2, so they congregate in areas where CO2 is the greatest. That is your bedroom. When you sleep, you exhale more deeply, sending more CO2 into the air.

The exterminator will look for bug feces and body parts in the seams of your mattress, the joints of your bed frame, and the places where carpet meets the baseboards. Treatment also needs to be done in the storage area for your luggage, or the bugs will continue to spread.

Another place that most people do not expect bed bugs to be is their couch. We find bed bugs in couches all the time and will look in your couch to see if we can find them too. Bed Bugs are found in the couch because when people realize they have bed bugs in their room they start sleeping on the couch and cause the bed bugs to multiply their too.

Call All Solutions Pest Control today if you suspect you have these bugs. Bed bug inspection should not be delayed because they multiply quickly.