Fenton MO Pest Control

Fenton Pest Control

People lived in the Fenton area as early as 1050. As evidence of the town’s growth since then, the mounds these people built are now home to a large department store. Today, Fenton is known for its downtown renewal, 350-plus acres of parks, and strong ties to youth soccer.

Admittedly, All Solutions Pest Control has not been a fixture of the Fenton community since 1050 A.D. But we are proud to be a locally-owned family business with deep connections to the people of St. Louis County. Those early mound dwellers could not go online and contact a professional pest control company to deal with harmful insects and animals. But you do have that ability. We understand the issues you face, and we know how to deal with them.

Residential Services in Fenton, MO

The seemingly endless construction along Interstate 270 upsets the natural habitations of many outdoor pests. So, they seek shelter and food indoors. Many times, that shelter could be your family’s home. Some of the more numerous pests in the Fenton area include:

  • Mice: Rodent infestations are among the most common problems in Fenton, and mice are the most common type of rodent. Once these pests stumble upon a place to nest, they almost always find a way inside your home. Mice carry bacteria and diseases that are harmful or fatal to people and pets.
  • Silverfish: These annoying pests may have been around for over 400 million years. Their bites are not directly harmful, but their molted skins cause severe allergic reactions in some people. Moreover, these insects are very destructive and eat holes in practically anything.
  • Earwigs: People once believed that these insects crawled into your ears as you slept. That’s just a myth, as earwigs are relatively harmless to pets and people. But they multiply quickly, and they will almost literally eat your garden alive.

To deal with the indoor/outdoor nature of these and other pests in Fenton, All Solutions Pest Control professionals are the ones to call. Learn more about the pests around your home.

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Termite Infestations in Fenton

Much like bed bugs, termite infestations are often completely spontaneous. These insects often nest in a common subterranean area, like under a street. Once they find a food source, they arrive in droves and will destroy almost anything in their path to obtain it.

The overwhelming nature of these infestations demands aggressive action. But simply spraying poison will not do. That stuff wears off and termites are extremely persistent. In addition to a protective barrier that keeps out termi