Mosquito Control

Mosquito Control

In the old days, mosquito control basically involved treating infested areas with copious amounts of DDT. This pesticide killed all the mosquitoes it touched and killed a lot of other things as well. So, today’s mosquito control requires a more targeted and sophisticated approach. Such treatments are more important that ever. Mosquitoes are much more than just a nuisance. They threaten the health of your family and customers. That’s simply not acceptable.

At All Solutions Pest Control, we do not believe spraying harsh chemicals and then leaving you to deal with the fallout. Instead, our professional technicians use proven methods to eradicate mosquitoes and keep them from coming back. To that end, we partner with you. Mosquitoes are such a persistent problem that eradicating them requires both well-educated homeowners and experienced pest control technicians. Working together, we can solve this problem. In this case, an uneven partnership is best. Basically, we take care of most of the work, and the homeowner just mops up.

The Harmful Effects of Mosquitoes

Floating, zigzagging mosquitoes are probably the most annoying flying insects around. Just one or two mosquitoes can completely ruin a picnic or other outdoor gathering that you spent months planning. But that is only part of the problem.

Even a mild mosquito infestation reduces your property value. It’s very difficult to show your home to potential buyers when they must swat away mosquitoes. Similarly, if you have an outdoor business, customers may turn around in the parking lot of they see mosquitoes. But that is still not the worst of things.

Mosquitoes carry a number of diseases. Chances are, if you have a serious infestation, at least one of these insects probably carries some kind of disease, such as:

·        West Nile: This virus causes an extremely high fever and meningitis-like symptoms. Many victims experience paralysis and brain damage. Even if the symptoms are not that severe, West Nile’s weakness and fatigue usually linger for weeks or months.

·        Encephalitis: This viral brain inflammation often causes flu-like symptoms. In other cases, it may cause hallucinations, extreme weakness, and seizures. Older people, young children, and those with weak immune systems are particularly vulnerable to encephalitis.

·        Malaria: Many years, a Missouri summer is basically a tropical climate. The springs are often extremely wet, and the summers are often quite hot. Tropical disease like malaria and Zika are rare in this part of North America, but they do occur here.


My brother in law David, the owner of a Mosquito control company in Huntsville AL, was bit by mosquito carrying the virus while in his yard one evening. Unfortunately, David was sent to the hospital with the Nuero-invasive West Nile Virus.  He had to spend 4 months in the hospital and several more month recovering. David now works to ensure that no one else must go through the same thing.   Whether it is West Nile, ZIKA, Encephalitis, or anything else we want to help lower your risk at home. 

Even if the mosquito does not carry a disease, mosquito bites usually cause large, itchy welts that easily become infected.

How Mosquitoes Get Into Your Yard

Many flying and crawling insects feed on sugar or another similar source of nutrition. But mosquitoes feed on the protein and iron in human blood. They can sense it from afar. After just one feeding, they can begin laying eggs. Then, a different type of instinct takes over, and they look for somewhere to lay those eggs.

Mosquitoes breed near standing, stagnant water. It only takes a little moisture to attract a large number of mosquitoes. Some common trouble spots include:

      ·        Children’s toys,

      ·        Yard depressions,

      ·        Pet water bowls,

      ·        Bird feeders,

      ·        Gutters, and

      ·        Bottlecaps.

Approximately a hundred mosquito eggs can fit on a penny. Most females can lay up to 3,000 eggs in less than a month.

Most people are very diligent about standing water. However, most people have no control over how their neighbors maintain their property. If mosquitoes breed next door, they will inevitably cross over to your property looking for additional food sources and breeding areas.

How We Get Rid of Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes cause a lot of problems. But, if your pest control technician uses the right approach, these infestations are relatively easy to clear. Mosquitoes are not very hardy creatures. So, at All Solutions Pest Control, we usually follow a four-point mosquito eradication plan:

      ·        Inspect: We go over your property with a fine-tooth comb, looking for problem areas. In addition to breeding areas, we also look for access points and other things that might attract these pests.

      ·        Kill: We use targeted spraying that strike at mosquitoes where they gather. Our treatments begin working immediately and keep working for a long time.

      ·        Protect: Our treatments create a protected zone where you family and friends gather. We pay special attention to pools, decks, playground equipment, and other similar areas. In short, we want you to go outside with confidence, even at dusk.

       ·        Maintain: The maintenance schedule varies. But typically, we recommend monthly followups during mosquito season.

During followup treatments, our technicians usually replenish your protective insect barrier, and then leave.

Mosquitoes make it impossible to enjoy the outdoors. At All Solutions Pest Control, we give you your life back. Give us a call today 636-486-7888. 

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