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An automated call goes out the business day prior to the service date, to let you know when we will be out.

Everyone can set up a customer portal.  Go to Customer Login Here  then click “Get Login Info” here.  Enter your phone number associated with your account and a reset code will be sent to you via email or text. You can than enter the reset code and chose the password you want. 

Yes this is a year agreement, and if you cancel early there is a cancellation fee.

This is a one-year agreement. If for any reason you would like to stop the services before the agreement is complete,  you will pay back the discount that you received for the initial service. Upon completion of this agreement, treatments will continue at the same frequency until cancelled by the customer.

All Solutions Pest Control guarantees to provide additional service, when requested by the customer between regularly scheduled services at no additional cost.   You can learn more about our Guarantee here

We will treat the inside on the initial service, thae we will do it whenever you request it.  If you would like us to treat the inside on your quarterly service just let us know.  Also if you would like the inside treated when it is not your quarterly service, let us know and we will do it any time for free. 

Re-services are completely free as long as it is for a covered pest.  For example ants would be covered, whereas termites would not be covered since they are wood destroying insects.

You will be charged for your initial service, then you will be billed the monthly rate starting a month after your initial service.  Instead of being charged per service you are charged a flat monthly rate. 

Many specialists believe that the winter treatment is the most important treatment of the year. This is because as soon the weather warms and pests become more active, they will come into contact with the products. This gets rid of the pests as they emerge from their nesting areas and before they have a chance to multiply and dwell inside your home. We use specialized methods that will last longer and that are designed for wet and cold weather.  A year-round treatment schedule gives you the benefit of staying on top of the pests and never letting them get out of control.

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