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Have you seen spiders, roaches, and ants outside your St. Charles house or building? If you have, then chances are, they are in your house, too. If you see them inside, it is probably because they have been on the grounds surrounding your house for months.

Initial Service

The initial service is one of the most important parts of any successful pest control program. This means we come in and get rid of the bugs inside, including their nests and webs. All Solutions Pest Control checks the likely traffic areas for bugs and treat the entire house inside and out to get rid of bugs as thoroughly as possible. From that point, regular treatments will destroy any eggs that manage to outlast the treatments we apply. After the inside of your home has been treated and is bug free keeping them out is much easier.  Following the initial service we return within 30 days to start your regular services.

Treating the Inside

Pests can find all kinds of routes into your home. Whether you are dealing with rodents or spiders in St. Charles MO, they can all come into your house along the plumbing. Most pests need the moisture they can get in the “wet” areas of your home, such as the bathrooms, laundry room, and kitchen.

Other pests can enter your home as parasites on vermin. Birds, squirrels, opossum, and raccoons often burrow into attics and build nests, bringing intestinal parasites that are excreted in feces. They also have lice, fleas, and ticks that can quickly build colonies in your attic, spreading into the rest of your house.
All Solutions Pest Control can inspect your home, including the attic and basement, to make sure there are no uninvited visitors that may be contributing to your pest problem. We will treat the affected areas, and treat along all of your baseboards and plumbing fixtures so that the pests’ traffic areas are protected.

Outside Pest Control

Most pest problems originate outside your home. Ants, for example, will have a main colony sometimes hundreds of feet from your house, with hundreds of “branch offices” throughout your neighborhood. Therefore, keeping the land around your house free of pests is crucial to pest control.
With our outside pest service, All Solutions Pest Control will thoroughly clean your siding and eaves, getting rid of all cobwebs, nests, and egg sacs that are wedged in the structure. We use a power sprayer and a brush on a 30 foot pole to thoroughly scrub the pest infested areas of your house.
Then, as your premier St. Charles pest control service, we spray the entire structure to keep the pests from coming back. Once the eaves are treated, All Solutions Pest Control will treat the outside frames of windows and doors, as well as any edging that might harbor flying insects. This treatment is carried down to the foundation and several feet on the ground, away from the foundation. This helps to eliminate any risk of quick re-infestation.
You may have noticed holes in your siding or brick just about 18 inches off of the ground. These are weep holes that are important to the interior structure of your home. You can’t plug these holes, but they provide a great avenue for pests to access your home. Our pest treatment will keep bugs out of the weep holes, and also from the bushes and plantings surrounding your house.
For further pest control in St. Charles, we add a granular treatment to your lawn. This is designed to protect your structures up to 10 additional feet. The grains are durable, and will not break down with the first rain shower that comes through, so they will continue to shield your home for an additional time period.

In addition, any outbuildings, such as a shop or storage shed, can be treated as part of the original job too. We don’t want any bugs setting up house in your vicinity.
Contact All Solutions Pest Control today for worry-free pest control in St. Charles.