Termite Inspection And Control

Should I Have Termite Inspection?
Structures can be very vulnerable to termite infestation. In fact, the likelihood of your
wooden structure being attacked by termites is almost 100% over a 20 year period. Termites can appear
on your property in the first year after construction. With figures like this, it is very important to take
preventative measures to protect your home or business. All Solutions Pest Control can inspect your
property for termite infestation, and get rid of the termites before they destroy your property. To have
your home inspected for termites call 636-486-7888 to make an appointment for a termite control professional.

Home Protection

Our termite control specialist will perform an inspection of your home or business, and let you know immediately if there is a problem with termites. If there is, we will set up a treatment plan that will not only kill the termites, it will keep them from coming back.

Our home protection plan will act in the same way as an insurance policy. We guarantee that, with this
plan, your house will be termite free for as long as you own it. If termites are found on your property at
any time after you buy the plan, we will treat them for free.

Fight Termites

If the inspector does find termites in your home, he will work with you to set up a treatment plan that
will suit your needs. We use only the safest products on the market, and the results are no more termites. Our certified inspectors are experienced in developing treatment plans
that are affordable and effective

To schedule a termite inspection with a termite control specialist, call All Solutions Pest Control at 636-486-7888.