5 Basics to Keep Pests Away

How do you keep pests away from your house? It seems to be an impossible task,especially if you live on the outskirts of Wentzville, and just about the time you think you have everything taken care of; you find a spider. Or a mouse. There are some sure-fire ways, though, to pest-proof your house and out buildings. Pest control experts and exterminators have put together several suggestions to make your home safer and more comfortable, at least until they can get there and get rid of the critters. Here are 5 basic things to do to keep pests away from your home and family.


No, not the stacks in the library, the stacks in your yard. You probably have SOMETHING stacked in your yard – everybody does! Honestly, you need to get rid of the stacks, or at least get them off of the ground. Firewood is often stacked against the house, sitting on the ground, where it will be easily accessible for the winter months. If the wood is accessible to you, the pests in it have access to your house. Do you know what else likes firewood? Mice and snakes. And carpenter ants and termites. And spiders. To keep pests away from your house, keep the firewood and other stacks of things like spare boards away from the house. Keep them off of the ground and stack them so that air can circulate freely throughout the pile. Keep grass and weeds from growing up around and in the pile, and you will discourage the pests attracted to the darkness and moisture.


Leaf debris and grass clippings are havens for pests. Entire colonies of insects can live under the leaves in your flower beds, and spiders just LOVE the privacy that a pile of old grass clippings can give them. Keep debris raked away from your foundation, and you will discourage pests.


If you have outdoor pets, clean up after them. Sorry, but did you know that ants eat dog feces? It’s like, their favorite food. Pet feces, whether it is from dogs, cats, rabbits, or birds, is full of protein, and ants love protein. So, one of the basic ways to keep pests away is to clean up after pets.


Caulk EVERYTHING. That’s right. Your windows, doors, siding, trim, fascia, soffits, and any other opening that might give pests an entrance to your home. Except for the brick weeps. Stuff those with steel wool to keep the mice out.


Anytime you have a loose shingle, you run the risk of pests invading. Make sure the roof, gutters, soffits, and fascia are all in good shape and that any vents are sealed around the edges. The vents should also have sturdy mesh to keep squirrels and other rodents out. If you will implement these 5 steps to keep pests away, you’ll have a much more comfortable home

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