Five Spring Pest Control Tips

During the winter, many insects, rodents, and other pests are dormant, even if the weather is relatively mild. Once spring comes around, they wake up and look for new food sources. That could mean your home or your business.

At All Solutions Pest Control, we take steps to prevent pest infestations. For example, we usually lay and invisible protective barrier around your property which keeps most pests out. However, there are also some things you can do on your own.

Control Mulch

People need moisture to survive, and so do pests. However, these little critter do not need near as much moisture as people do. The tiny amount in mulch is more than enough to attract them. If you keep mulch away from your house, the pests will probably not go near your house. Be especially mindful if your mulch also includes flowers and other potential food sources.

Eliminate All Standing Water

Most people know to keep bird feeders and other such things dry. But also be aware of upside-down bottle caps, pools of water on outdoor grills, and other tiny sources. Mosquitoes only need a small amount of water to lay their eggs. In fact, they prefer small sources. Too much water washes away the eggs and larvae.

Tighten Seals

Most insects are cold-blooded. Since they cannot control their body temperatures, they are always on the lookout for shelter. Additionally, as mentioned above, pests constantly look for food. They can find both these things in your home. So, seal any cracks and watch for torn window screens. Tiny insects can squeeze through practically any opening. Even something as large as a mouse can easily fit through an opening no bigger than a dime.

Watch Out for Clutter

Silverfish and spiders love nesting in cardboard boxes and other such areas, particularly in basements, storage rooms, and other low-traffic areas. Rodents also like sheltered spaces, like closets. Eliminating the clutter will keep these pests from becoming permanent residents inside your home or business.

Elevate Pet Food and Water Bowls

Insects are relentless when it comes to finding food sources, but for the most part, they are not very good climbers and their senses are not very strong. If you keep food pet and water bowls elevated, little critters like ants may not be able to detect them. Even if you change the water and food frequently, as you should, keep these bowls off the ground.

Keep your house pest-free this year with help from All Solutions Pest Control.

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