Pest Control for Fall Invaders

Pest Control for Fall Invaders

As cold weather approaches, we will see an increase in certain pests in our houses. Pests, such as mice, roaches, spiders, and ants, will find a way to remain active once they get into your nice, cozy house. So, what kind of fall invaders can we expect?


Some outdoor spiders do hibernate, but they are usually not a problem in the house to begin with. Most spiders do not live through the winter, but their egg sacs do. These sacs will survive in the warm confines of your house until the spring, when they will hatch and begin another reign of terror.

The winter and fall are also the mating season for spiders. They will lay eggs to hatch in a few months. Of a particular concern are the brown recluse spiders. They can be very poisonous, sending you to the doctor for steroids and antibiotics. It is best to have a pest control company prepare your house for the fall by spraying for spiders and other bugs. This will kill the mating spiders, reducing the number of egg sacs.


Mice and rats leave a trail of urine everywhere they go. This is how they find their ways back to their nests. Needless to say, this is a really nasty habit that can spoil your belongings and contaminate surfaces. But, there are other rodents, too.


There are a number of beetles that grow very fond of your house in the fall. Box Elder bugs and the Asian lady beetle will congregate on the sunniest side of your house, and will seize any opportunity to make their way indoors. The brown stink bug is another beetle-type bug that is common in the fall.  All of the bugs love to overwinter in your house.


As bugs and rodents gravitate to your home for the fall weather, fight back with pest control and preparation. Seal your doors and windows, and check the structures to make sure animals can’t get in

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