St. Charles MO Pest Control Services

St. Charles MO Pest Control Services

For much of its history, the erstwhile capital of Missouri was an important jumping-off point in the push westward. In fact, when Lewis and Clark set out on their voyage of discovery in 1803, St. Charles was considered the last outpost of civilization. 

The town has changed quite a bit over the last two hundred years. In fact, St. Charles has changed markedly since the 1970s. That’s when development of the so-called Golden Triangle (the area bordered by Interstate 70, Route 94, and Interstate 64) began in earnest.

As new homes and businesses emerged, rodents and other outdoor pests had to find new homes. Unfortunately for many area residents, these new homes were local homes and businesses. Infestations significantly reduce a family’s quality of life and also may threaten the physical and emotional health of many people. As for most businesses, even a few bugs or rodents could cause a crippling loss of business goodwill.

The experienced professionals at All Solutions Pest Control already have a plan of action to deal with pests at your home or business. However, since there is no one-size-fits-all approach, we modify the plan as needed, so you get the results you need in the least disruptive way possible. Call us today, so we can learn more about your situation and start developing a specific plan of action tailor-made to your needs.

Residential Pest Control Services in St. Charles, MO

Bugs and rodents might be inside the house, but the problem is usually not inside the house. To be sure, inside chemical treatments can eradicate the pests which are there and deter new ones from taking their place. But that’s only part of the solution.

Generally, pests come from the outside to the inside. For example, many insects use tree branches which extend to exterior walls to enter your house. Therefore, our technicians often spend more time treating the outside than the inside. Typically, such preventative measures ultimately bear much fruit.

Speaking of preventative measures, we usually recommend quarterly retreatments. As a rule, bugs are rather easy to deter and difficult to eradicate. So, we try to treat the front end of the problem as opposed to the back end.


These small rodents can enter your house through openings no larger than dimes. Once inside, they are randomly destructive. They chew through walls, wires, and pretty much anything else. Many types of mice cower in garages and basements, only coming out to look for food at night.

Field mice, which are common in newly developed areas of St. Charles, are the worst. They are slightly larger, and much more aggressive, than other mouse species. Field mice do not just chew stuff. They are more likely to carry bacteria, and they breed much more rapidly.

There are various ways to get rid of mice. Advanced traps are often effective. The gadgets in All Solutions’ pest control arsenal are truly better mousetraps. There is no mess and no maintenance. A chemical barrier around a home’s exterior usually works as well. Mice usually follow the path of least resistance. If there is an obstacle, they will go somewhere else.


New development also displaced a significant number of ants. These insects are usually not harmful to people or property. However, an infestation could mean hundreds or even thousands of ants. These creatures are unsightly and unhealthy. They communicate by leaving invisible chemical trails for other ants to follow.

If you see an isolated ant here and there, they are probably scouts. When they find food, which could be anything that contains even a miniscule amount of sugar, scouts summon the remainder of the colony.

These colonies are nearly always outdoors. Subterranean ants usually do not need your home for shelter. They only come inside to get food. So, our technicians heavily concentrate on a home’s exterior. If we eradicate most of the colony and make it difficult for ants to get in your house, the survivors often relocate.

Commercial Services in St. Charles, MO

In many ways, commercial pest control treatments from All Solutions Pest Control are the same as residential treatments. The pests and their habits are usually the same. And, our methods are often the same.

The scale is usually different. A larger scale means more than a bigger chemical tank. Many businesses include not only customer areas but also storage and parking areas. The methods that work in one place might not work in another place. So, we are flexible.

Additionally, commercial pest control usually involves discretion. Many times, it will not do for a pest control professional to show up during daylight or open hours. Once again, we are flexible. If your situation requires nighttime or weekend treatment, that’s what we will do. The same thing applies to follow-up treatments.

No matter what type of property you own or what type of pest problem you have, the hard-working professionals at All Solutions Pest Control are equal to the challenge. We have seen it before, we know what works, and we know how to help you.

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