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St. Peters MO Wasp ControlWhen you see a wasp in your yard, it is important to practice wasp control as quickly as possible. This is a great way to make sure that you promote wasp control in St. Peters, MO to keep you and your family safe and sound. At All Solutions Pest Control, we can provide you with all the wasp control you need in St. Peters, MO.

Why Are Wasps Bad in My Yard?

While wasps are important to the environment, most homeowners do not want to have these annoying pets in their backyard. They can run in packs and can be dangerous. They can be very territorial and if a big group of them get near your home, they will make it their own and then try to protect it. This can result in stinging to those, including your family, who try to get into their own yard. They can sting more than one time too, meaning the stings can be harmful, whether someone has an allergic reaction to the sting or not.

How to Prevent a Wasp Infestation

The best way to not need to handle wasp control in St. Peters, MO is to make sure that an infestation does not occur at all. The good news is that there are a few ways that you can prevent wasps from building up any nests in the home or your yard.

First, you should remove all sources of food that are around your porch to have proper wasp control. The wasps want to get to food so if you leave a bunch around your home, that can be a problem. You should also use caulk to seal up all of your windows and doors because they can fit through even the smallest holes.

You can even keep a few plants around that help to deter wasps including basil and mint. These are great to add to your food, while also making sure that you keep the wasps away. Always check around the yard to see if a nest is being built and remove it quickly.

Getting Rid of a Wasp Nest

When you see a wasp nest, it is important to safely remove it as quickly as possible. This is a home for the asps and they are going to find a way to make themselves comfortable within the nest as quickly as possible. There are some bait and sprays that can help remove the wasps, but you should not try to remove the nest by knocking it down or trying to hit it with something. This will just anger the wasps and can make the problem worse than before.

  • If you see just a few individual wasps who are around your home to find food, you can use a few sprays to make removal easier.
  • If the population is larger, then you need to use bait and a trap that is downwind to the living area you use outside.
  • To remove the nest, you should contact a professional to look into it if the nest is inside the home or in the ground. These are difficult to remove and can cause harmful stings to the body. You should not try to remove it.
  • If the nest is easier to access, then you can do it yourself. You should approach the nest when the wasps do not seem as active. Make sure to cover your face and eyes so you do not get hurt.
  • Wasps are going to be attracted to a yellow light. If you need to use any light, it is best to wrap up a flashlight so it is red instead.

Never remove the nest by knocking it down wit another object, spraying it with water, or burning it. This will just anger the wasp and make you get hurt in the process.  If you are worried about removing the wasps on your own or getting rid of the wasp nest, it is important to call in a professional to help make this easier. This can be a delicate process and it is important to be safe rather than sorry later.

Hiring the Right Wasp Control Specialists in St. Peters, MO

If you have a pest infestation in your home, especially with wasps, it is important to call in the professionals they will help make sure that you get all of the wasps removed from your home in a safe and effective manner. At All Solutions Pest Control, we are happy to provide you with all of the wasp removal that you need. Our team is highly qualified to handle any wasp problem and can come out to your home or business on your schedule. Contact us today to get started.


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