Tips to Naturally Repel Mosquitoes from your Yard

Tips to Naturally Repel Mosquitoes from your Yard

Tips to naturally repel Mosquitoes from your yard-There is nothing more annoying and worse than a yard full of mosquitoes, all looking for a human to suck on. In a short amount of time, a backyard barbecue or any communal event can become a haven for blood-sucking bugs. It seems that mosquitoes are worse in the summer time too, which makes them even more annoying. How can anyone enjoy sitting under the stars, watching fireworks and enjoying drinks when there are so many mosquitoes nearby? 

But did you know that there are ways to naturally dissuade mosquitoes from populating your backyard? It’s true, there are many age-old, time-tested methods to get rid of mosquitoes. So if you follow these steps, there’s a good chance the next few months won’t be ruined by mosquitoes. Of course, you can always call upon a mosquito control company to professionally exterminate and do away with these pesky, annoying bugs. However, if you aren’t doing that, here are some other ways to naturally eliminate these flying, buzzing annoyances. 

Install an Electric Fan

Much like many people and folks with long, flowing hair, mosquitoes aren’t big fans of the wind. Think about it: have you ever noticed that when it is windy, the mosquitoes don’t bother you as much? That’s because the moving air dispels the carbon dioxide, which is something that mosquitoes are naturally attracted to. Once that is blown away, the bugs follow it quickly.  Additionaly, mosquitoes have a harder time flying in the breeze which is understandable because so do many creatures. 

That is why an electric fan is an easy, effective way to get rid of mosquitoes. Whether you have it inside your home, out on the deck, or really anywhere a fan can work wonders for your mosquito problem. Plus it is beneficial in more ways than one, especially during thte summer. That’s because it cools you and your guests down while also repelling mosquitoes too. It’s a win-win situation. 

Bug Repellent Candles 

Candles are a wonderful way to set a mood and create a relaxing and inviting atmosphere for guests, friends, and family. Candles can also be a beautiful method to lighting up the cool, warm night. Also keeping the mosquitoes at bay at the same time. Mosquito repellent luminaries are becoming more and more popular and are available at many stores throughout the country. For many, they are becoming a summertime staple. They are very effective and, best of all, so easy to use. All you need to do is light one up and leave it outside. Then in no time at all, your mosquito problem will dwindle down into something very manageable. 

The best thing about mosquito repellent candles is that they get the job done while also making you feel cozy, comfortable, and laid back too.

Wear Light Colors

Believe it or not, the colors you are wearing are one of the main determining factors of if mosquitoes are going to give you a hard time or completely ignore you. This is true for many types of insects, including bees. Making a color choice with your outfit has some unintentional consequences you should be well aware of when you want to avoid bites all over your body.

Blue and black are the colors to stay away from when you are looking to keep mosquitoes off of you. Meanwhile, white and light colors are terrific picks for you summer wardrobe. Not only do these colors deter mosquitoes but they also reflect sunlight, which of course helps you stay much cooler. So when you are packing for the beach or the next outdoor party, make sure that you keep the dark clothing in the closet and go with something light and flowy and fun.

Mosquito Repelling Plants

Aside from spraying yourself from head to toe every time you go outdoors during the sumer, the use of special, unique plants to stop mosquitoes from overtaking your yard is a smart, helpful, effective, and very pretty way to stop the mosquito population from exploding.

This is most effective if you think about it before the mosquito season starts. Maybe set a reminder on a calendar so you can plant the specimens before mosquitoes start to make their presence known. Basil, Marigolds, Peppermint, Lavender – these are a few of the plants that do a great job at keeping the mosquitoes away. Plus, they have other benefits as well. Some of these plants can be mixed into your diets, some of them smell amazing and some of them make great decorations. Planting these are a great way to stop your mosquito problem and keep your yard thriving and bright.

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