Termite Bait Stations Work

Why Sentricon Bait Stations Work

There are nasty pests out there that are taking aim at your home. No, we are not talking about the criminal element. We are talking about termites. These dangerous pests must be stopped before it is too late.


There are several different types of ways in which a person can attempt to keep termites either at bay or away from their homes. There are natural and chemical solutions that are aimed at keeping them away from your home. Those work, to an extent, but they consistently need to be reapplied. Another option is to dig deep trenches around your home through the foundation and then add a barrier of liquid termite treatment.  Yeah, no thanks because if you miss one reapplication or if you miss one spot you may wind up with a costly infestation on your hands. Enter Sentricon.

What is Sentricon

Sentricon is a bait solution for termites. No, its goal is not to simply keep them at bay, Sentricon’s goal is to kill the termites, and kill them it does. When the termites take the bait, they bring it back to the colony and it spreads like wildfire when they share food and emit secretions. As they share the bait it kills off the colony.

You may have seen them already and didn’t know what it was. They appear to be green caps similar to what you might see and mistake for a sprinkler. They do look similar but are larger. There is a long green tube which contains the bait, and it is sunk into the ground. The only thing left behind is the cap and container making for an aesthetically pleasing visual around your home while you prevent termites from eating your home.

Sounds Great, Is It Effective?

You may be thinking to yourself, this sounds too good to be true, it can’t be effective. As a matter of fact, with approximately 60 scientific studies being conduct, Sentricon has been tested to be the number one baiting system in studies in which the scientists looked at the elimination of the colony.  This is your end goal.

It starts working as soon as it is installed. If you already have an issue with termites, not to worry, there is an above ground station that can start the elimination process even quicker. There is no lasting damage to your home that may cause you problems in the future associated with the used of this system either. If you want to remove it, it is possible. Have a dog or cat? Great! Sentricon will not harm them either.

Ok How Much?

Now here comes the prohibitive part, the cost. The average cost for the system is between depends on the infestation level and area we will be treating. The yearly monitoring of the system such as bait replacement is approximately $300 per year. . This is a highly effective program to eliminate termites and it is imperative that a professional do the installation to ensure that it works properly.

The cost should be considered a bargain compared to the invasive treatment of drilling through the foundation of your home, liquid treatments that must be reapplied numerous times, or the cost of tenting. We are not just talking about the monetary costs of these other treatments but also the damage to your home and the disruption to your family’s life that the alternatives cost.

Quick Recap of the Benefits of Sentricon

Sentricon can destroy the entire colony quickly. It spreads through food and secretions makes by the termite. Sentricon is concealed in your grass, and you will probably even forget it is there due to its aesthetic appeal. You don’t have to drill through your foundation or constantly reapply treatment. It can only be installed by a profession giving you the peace of mind that it was installed correctly to maximize benefits. On top of all that, it is safe for your pets.


Sentricon is the most effective and least invasive treatment you can install in your home for termites. Should you change your mind for some reason (maybe you want termites?) you can remove it. Although it can be considered cost prohibitive, the benefits bring the overall costs down. Sentricon is your best line of defense against termites.

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