10 Common Pests in Fenton MO

10 Common Pests in Fenton MO

Pests are common to everyone. We all must drive out pests from our homes at one time or another. There are some pests that are common to all locations, such as ants. Then there are pests that are only present in certain areas of the county. It is important to know what type of pests that you are dealing with in order to control them efficiently and effectively. We will investigate 10 different common pests in Fenton MO.


Ants are everywhere. While they may be an annoyance at a picnic, they are absolutely a danger to your home. They can burrow into wood and destroy your property from within. These pests are very powerful and very intelligent. It is imperative to deal with them swiftly and quickly.


It is often theorized that they only thing left after a nuclear explosion will be the cockroach. Be sure to clean up any food spills and keep your home clean. While this does not guarantee that you will not get an infestation, it can help lower the chances. They are dangerous to you and your family and they too must be evicted from your home.


Fleas are a common problem for those that have animals in their home. These pests also feed off the blood of yourself and the animals. While there are several ways to keep fleas off your pets, you must also treat the yard in which that they live. If this is not done, then they fleas can still attack you and your family.


Rodents have been an invasive pest for a long time. Many people fear them and the diseases that they bring and with good reason. They can also cause damage to your home as they can get inside of your walls and gnaw on the wood structure of your home as well as the electrical wiring.


Mosquitoes also feast upon blood in order to survive. There are several ways in which to remove the threat such as removing such as removing standing water, staying indoors at dusk and dawn when they are most active, and using natural repellants such as citronella plants. They are also one of the most dangerous pests, accounting for more than one million deaths per year. 


Termites can cause a lot of damage to your home and must be dealt with immediately. You must be diligent to investigate your property for termites before they become a problem. Some things to look out for is rotted out wood, mud tubes, and of course if you see the little invaders. You will most likely discover the termites in the spring since they tend to swarm in the home during that time of year.


If you have ever had a tick bite you, you know the uncomfortable feeling of the little bug burrowing into your skin you know that they are not the friendliest of pests. What you may not know is that they are known for spreading lots of diseases and therefore they too need to be removed from the area surrounding your home.


Flies are more than just an annoyance at a bar-b-que. They can become invasive by invading your home and contaminating your home. If you have animals, you may notice that they frequent their droppings before they sit on your food. Disgusting. Not only are the gross but they can also spread diseases such as dysentery.


While the wonderful sound of a cricket may lull you to sleep at night, they can be an invasive, unwelcome guest in your garden and home since they are known to destroy both. They can also bring with them diseases like salmonella and E. coli.

Bed Bugs

If you have a bed bug infestation you may not know it until it is too late. Bedbugs are so small that they can penetrate your home and before you know it, you have an infestation on your hands. They can hide almost anywhere and feast on your blood or that of your dogs. These too must go.


While there are several different types of invasive pests that are common to the area, there are also common ways in which to deal with them. Be sure to know what you are dealing with as each species requires a different approach.

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