Bed Bug Outbreak

The Bed Bug Outbreak

Bed bugs are an invasive yet minute species. During WWII, they were brought to the U.S. by veterans and immigrants who carried them in their clothing, duffel bags, and luggage. Bed Bugs spread across the country in pandemic  proportions. In those days, DDT was used to stop the infestation. Since then of course, DDT has been banned because of its effects on the environment. However, these effects were not discovered until after the bed bug outbreak had been brought under control.

A Continuing Outbreak

Now, 70 years later, the U.S. is facing another infestation of these nasty little blood-sucking creatures. This is partly due to immigration and partly to the fact that so many more people are traveling to foreign countries more than ever before. We know that these tiny pests are effective hitchhikers, but why are they so hard to get rid of?

Night Dwellers

Bed bugs come out at night. They are attracted by the CO2 produced by sleeping people. As we sleep, humans tend to breathe more deeply, producing more CO2 than we do during the day. In addition, we are staying in one place for several hours, making it much easier for this parasite to “catch” its prey. Since they only come out at night, they are unlikely to be spotted by their victims.

Bed Bugs Are Secretive

They are also very secretive little bugs. They are so tiny, they can hide in the seam of your mattress. Another great hiding place is the joint of a headboard or the bed frame. In fact, bedbugs are so small that you will probably notice their “dirt” before you ever see the bugs themselves. The dirt consists of their shed skins and brownish-red spots of fecal matter – your own processed blood.

They tuck themselves into the seams of luggage, the cuffs of clothing, and even the details of shoes such as eyelets. The pregnant females are especially mobile, seeking new territory to avoid the males. This means that bed bugs that infest your luggage have probably reproduced. This means that your luggage and the storage place should be treated.

Extended Dormant State

Once you find that your home has been infested with bed bugs, you, of course, will call an exterminator. There are treatments that will kill bedbugs, but killing the eggs may be another story.

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