Fun Things to Do in St. Charles County

Fun Things to Do in St. Charles County

St. Charles County is one of the fastest-growing counties in the country. It is an area rich in history and culture, with nationally recognized wineries and vineyards. It has two major interstate highways running right through it, so it’s easy to get there. So, why would you want to go to St. Charles County? Here are some attractions that may make you wish you lived there permanently.

Lewis and Clark Boat House

The historic Lewis and Clark Boat House and Nature Center offers a great chance to get outdoors and celebrate some of America’s history. There is a scavenger hunt for the kids that goes throughout the museum and grounds looking for various animals. You can enjoy a film about the history of the famous mapping duo. Plus, it is wheelchair accessible.

The Family Arena

Ok, so this sounds like some kind of gladiatorial opportunity for the whole family, but it’s really just a great venue for concerts and graduations. Before you book your days full of activities, see which concerts will be going on during your stay. There is also Disney on Ice and the Circus.

Escape Rooms

There are 3 escape room facilities in St. Charles County. If you enjoy a mystery and solving puzzles, try out any of the games available at our three escape rooms.

Jaycee Park

Do you need to let the little ones run off some energy? The Jaycee Park is the perfect place for little kids. It is fenced all the way around, and has a special playground for toddlers. Great for kids about 10 years old and younger, the Jaycee Park is a great afternoon off for the adults while the kids get their wiggles out.

There are museums and parks all over St. Charles County. You can enjoy grown-up activities or act like a kid – just have fun!

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