Pest Control Vs. Pest Exterminator

Pest Control Vs. Pest Exterminator

Is there a difference between pest control and pest extermination? Technically, yes. If you practice pest control, you won’t keep the pest exterminator as busy. But there are other differences – differences that will be important for your health and safety.

Kill Them All!

Most people want to see dead bugs after the exterminator comes. In fact, many customers still request bug “bombs” that fill their houses with toxic chemicals, requiring them to leave the house for a few hours.

Pests are Our Friends

The reality is that pests are, in many ways, our friends. They are crucial for the environment. Spiders capture millions of mosquitoes and flies. Ants eat decaying matter. That doesn’t, however, mean that they are good house guests.

Control VS. Extermination

Exterminators deal with some pretty strong chemicals. Exterminators eradicate the bug completely.  For example if you have bed bugs you want them 100% gone, this is the same with termites.

With pest control, it is used to reduce the majority of pest in and around your house; however, this will not eliminate all pest 100%. It will help to control them.

Professional Pest Control

Yes, you certainly need pest extermination. An infestation of bed bugs should be dealt with using immediate results. But professional pest control will be necessary to completely rid your house of bed bugs, or any other pest.

Each pest, whether it is an insect or small mammal, has a different breeding cycle. Some of these pests lay eggs that won’t hatch until chemicals have lost their potency.

Pest exterminators have access to new and improved chemicals that have little to no odor and do not present a problem to the health of people and pets living in the house. They can exterminate the obvious bugs, then, through effective pest control, keep them from coming back or re-infesting your home.

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