Avoid Fleas This Summer

Tips To Avoid Fleas This Summer

Fleas are some of the deadliest bugs on the planet. The flea itself is not much to look at. At no more than 2 mm long, they are almost invisible. However, they and their favorite transportation – rats – were responsible for one of the greatest plagues in history. The Black Plague, also known as the Bubonic Plague, killed 60% of all humans in Europe during the 1300s. Those who survived nearly froze to death or starved. The loss of sheep to the disease created a wool shortage, leaving masses without clothing, and livestock succumbed to the disease as well. All because of fleas. Today, flea and rodent control have all but wiped out the disease – or so we think. Cases of bubonic plague are reported every year in the rodents found in the American deserts. What can you do to avoid fleas? Here are some handy tips to keep fleas from taking over your home, yard, or pets.

Summer Fleas

Summer is a great time for fleas to multiply. The warmer weather is perfect for breeding, which of course increases their need for food. Even if your pets do not have fleas, they may pick them up outdoors. Fleas and ticks can survive in the wild, latching onto any warm blooded creature that happens by. The jumping ability of fleas is legendary, so it is easy for them to find transport to more delectable meals.

Preventative Medication

The number one way to avoid problems with fleas is with a preventative. There are topical and oral medications you can give your pet that will repel fleas and ticks. There are also flea collars, but these sometimes have an obnoxious odor that is not welcomed for a house pet.

Some preventatives are growth regulators. These keep flea larvae from developing into adults. Adulticides will kill adult fleas and ticks. Some treatments have both.

Yard Treatments

You can control fleas and other pests by keeping your lawn mowed. Stack all firewood off of the ground and dry. Keep debris cleared from flower beds and from the foundation of the house.

Also an exterminator can spray outside where the fleas are at with an adulticide and a growth regulator. This will protect your pets and the humans in your family from fleas and ticks in the yard.

House Treatments

Pest control experts can also treat your home for flea infestations. This is highly recommended if you notice a really bad problem. To maintain the control, vacuum frequently. The rotating bar on the vacuum will help to shake them out of the carpet, and attachments will pull any remaining fleas out of upholstery or baseboards.

Animals often have allergies to flea bites. They will develop sores and scabs from scratching. This is not only excruciatingly painful for your pet, it allows for the spread of infection to you and your children as you come in contact with your pets.  Call All Solutions Pest Control to get rid of your fleas today!

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