Fun Things to do in Wentzville

Fun things to do in Wentzville. Wentzville was founded in 1855 when the great movement of pioneers across our country was at its peak. The city has a rich history and was founded by William M. Allen, who named the city after his friend Erasmus Livingston Wentz. Wentz was in charge of the railway construction of the first train that arrived in 1857. Since being founded, the city of Wentzville has become a favorite place in the heart of the country for its private and public schools, churches, and clubs.

So, If you are planning to spend your holidays in Wentzville, we want to start by saying that you are making one of the best decisions of your life. This fastest-growing city in Missouri has some of the best getaway places for you, which you can enjoy solo, with your family, or with friends. Here is a list of all the top fun activities you can do while you are in Wentzville.

  1. Wentzville Flea Market – Visiting a city is incomplete if you do not explore its local market. If you are in Wentzville, you should check out the Flea Market. The market is open all year on Sundays and has more than 400 local vendors! So, this market is your go-to place if you have to buy souvenirs for someone back home. Wentzville Flea Market is one of the can’t-miss places to go in Wentzville. Especially if you enjoy a good bargain or are a collector of rare and vintage items. But rare items are not the only things you will find here. This market is home to various types of items, from contemporary decor to a wide array of inexpensive treasures. If you are on a family vacation, your kids will especially enjoy the marketplace. That’s because it houses more than 1000 different toys as well! But that is still not all the market has to offer. You can also sample their delectable culinary treats, such as funnel cakes. If you have the time, book a nearby hotel and spend a day roaming around the market. 
  2. B & B Theatres – Who does not like a good movie? Are you on holiday and your main purpose is to have as much fun as possible in a short time? If you’re one of those people who prefer movies over books, then B & B Theatres is perfect for you! This amazing theatre is located at Wentzville Bluffs Drive. And suppose you are planning to explore this place? You will be fascinated to know this multi-screen theatre features 3D and mainstream films. And also offers cozy powered recliners to have the most comfortable movie experience. They also have phenomenal screens and special sound effects. You can also grab some popcorn and drinks from the stands outside the movie halls. So you not only soothe the movie maniac in you, but do so on a full stomach. A movie night at B & B Theatres could be the perfect way to end a busy day. Then you can drive back to your home or hotel room and rest for the night. 
  1. Rotary Park – If you like hiking, picnicking, and fishing, Rotary park is the place for you! This picturesque park is where you would find all the adventure and nature lovers together. So if you identify as either or both, you know which place to add to your itinerary. If you are tired of doing other fun activities, you can also visit this park to have a moment to yourself, relax and escape the frenzy of city life. In other news, Rotary park is famous for its 5-acre lake and a massive 72 acres of nature and recreation, giving you all the space to stretch out those legs and fill your lungs with fresh oxygen to boost your serotonin levels! But that is not all this beautiful place has to offer. If you are in Wentzville and decide to visit this park, do not miss out on the events hosted by the park, such as Holiday Night Lights and Saint Charles County Fair.
  2. Playtime Party Center – Wentzville would be incomplete without the extreme element of fun and excitement that the Playtime Party Center brings to the city! This entertainment complex has been operating since 2007 and is home to 65 arcade games and a 2-story laser tag arena! So, if you are looking for a fun way to spend your day with your friends, what better way than laser tag in a 2-story complex? But if you thought this complex only allows you to play laser tag, you are so wrong. Because here, you can also play axe throwing, air hockey, arcade, bowling, rock climbing, and many other games that make this indoor gaming center the hub of parties and games for everyone! 
  3. Lindenwood Ice Arena – Have you packed your ice skating shoes along? Well, if not, no need to worry. At Lindenwood Ice Arena you can get ice skating shoes that perfectly fit you with no hassle! Opened in 1998, this recreational facility is operated and owned by the City of Wentzville Parks and Recreation Department. If you are looking for a fun indoor activity to do when the weather outside is not suitable for outdoor fun activities, you should try out this place. Don’t know how to ice skate? Well, there is something for you to enjoy too, and in this case, it is ice skating lessons! Yes, you can spend your time taking ice skating lessons which are offered to newbies in this arena. With skate rentals and an ice skating rink, you’re all set up to have a blast indoors at this facility.

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