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How Fast Do Roaches Multiply?

Depending on the species, most female cockroaches produce between six and fourteen egg capsules during their lifetimes. Each capsule has about sixteen eggs. So, each female cockroach lays about one hundred twenty eight eggs. The four most common roach species in Missouri are examined below.

Cockroaches are perhaps the most unwelcome pests. These bugs carry bacteria on their bodies which contaminates food. Because these insects multiply so quickly, if you see one or two, you probably have a serious infestation. In as little as one treatment, our professionals get rid of the roaches in your home and prevent other ones from replacing them.

German Cockroaches

These insects mature quickly. After just a few weeks, females are ready to lay eggs. German cockroach females carry the eggs until they hatch. That significantly improves their chances of survival.

German cockroach females carry many more eggs than normal. Each ootheca (egg capsule) holds up to forty-eight eggs. So, one female German cockroach could be the matriarch of 35,000 new roaches.

American Cockroaches

These chestnut-colored insects usually breed in sewers, so their bacteria is especially nasty. American Cockroaches live for about thirty months, which is a long time for a roach.

Fortunately, these females do not have very much breeding time. After about fifteen weeks, females are mature enough to breed. During their peaks, they can produce two oothecas a week. Each egg capsule has about sixteen eggs. But the peak is short lived. After that, American Cockroach females produce one ootheca a month.

Oriental Cockroaches

These insects resemble black beetles. But they are actually cockroaches. The adults are about an inch long.

Their lifespan varies significantly. It could be as brief as thirty days or as long as six months. Females produce an average of eight oothecas. Females carry their eggs until they find a warm, moist spot to deposit them.

Brown Banded Roaches

If you see a flying roach, it’s probably a brown banded cockroach. All these insects have wings, but most of them never fly. These half-inch-long bugs prefer hot, dry areas.

Much like Oriental Cockroaches, Brown Banded Roach females carry their eggs until they find a safe place to deposit them, perhaps behind furniture. Most females produce about a dozen oothecas during their lifetimes.

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