Top Ten Interesting Pests in Missouri

The Show Me State’s natural beauty does not just attract people.   It also attracts various kinds of bugs. Or, maybe the people attract the insects.   It’s difficult to tell.

If they infest your home or place of business, these bugs could affect your lifestyle and/or your livelihood.  Getting rid of them requires a tailored approach which does not put the other people in your life, most notably pets and children, at risk. If you are seeing pest, please give All Solutions Pest Control a call today!


Silverfish are not particularly harmful to human health, but they do destroy property, mostly books or anything stored in warm, dark places.  Plus, these insects have a substantial “ewww” factor.


These insects have a very frightening name, and they look equally frightening in close-up pictures. Additionally, their pinchers are full of venomous poison.  Fortunately, these bugs are quite small and dine exclusively on mites.

Periodical Cicada

These locust-like insects show up once every thirteen to seventeen years.  When they appear, it is often in a swarm of Biblical proportions.  A handful of these insects can destroy almost any residential or commercial landscaping.

Luna Moths

One of the rarest and most unusual moths in the world are usually in area forests.  Like ordinary moths, pale green luna moths are attracted to light.  These insects are not technically on the endangered species list, but continued pollution might put them there soon.

Hummingbird Moths

Having trouble conceiving of a creature that’s half moth and half hummingbird?  They are difficult to picture.  Usually, they have a month’s body, a hummingbird’s wings, and a hummingbird’s mannerisms. If you happen to see one in your garden, consider yourself lucky.

Cicada Killer Wasps

The name pretty much says it all.  When the aforementioned cicada swarm, these wasps swarm as well. They will attack humans if provoked.

Brown Recluse Spiders

One of the most common spiders in Missouri is also one of the most dangerous ones, if you happen to be allergic to its bite.  These spiders often breed in dark places, such as garages and shoe boxes.

Black and Yellow Garden Spiders

What’s that old rhyme: red next to black is a friend to Jack but black next to yellow will kill a fellow?  Oh wait, that’s snakes.  Black and yellow garden spiders look very scary but are harmless to people.

Bald Faced Hornets

These yellowjacket relatives normally are not that aggressive around people.  But if even slightly provoked, they will sting badly and repeatedly.

Assassin Bugs

A species does not get a moniker like this one for being nice.  Assassin bugs are very aggressive when going after their prey.  Fortunately, they do not eat humans.  But if you get in the way, they will sting, and the stings are very painful.

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