Five Pests You Find in the Spring

Contrary to popular myth, Missouri winters usually do not kill insects.  Only sustained, extreme cold can do that.  However, the temperature does drop enough for them to become dormant.  When the weather warms up in spring, insects become active again.  And, after their long sleeps, they are on the hunt for food sources.

A preventative approach is usually the best way to handle these insects. Once they infest your home, they are much more difficult to eradicate.  A late winter or early spring treatment is usually enough to convince these insects to look for food elsewhere.  Just like many people, most bugs usually take the path of least resistance.

Cluster Flies

If you think common houseflies are annoying, thank your lucky stars you do not have larger cluster flies. These insects are not just big.  They swarm instead of flying solo.  Like houseflies, cluster flies also carry various bacteria and diseases, because they land pretty much anywhere.

Larder Beetles

These insects usually worm their way into walls to escape winter’s chill.  When that chill dissipates, they go out in search of food.  Larder beetles are carnivores.  A few crumbs left over from that first spring barbecue might be enough meat to support an entire colony.  Lucky you.

Boxelder Bugs

True to their name, these insects feed on outdoor boxelder trees.  So, they pose little or no threat to people or property.  However, they secrete a very icky substance which stains curtains and other fabrics. If there are boxelder trees in your neighborhood, your home will probably have boxelder bugs in the spring.

Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs

These Asian insects probably hitched a ride on a shipping container when they arrived in the Western United States in the 1990’s.  They are now in places like Missouri in force.  Stink bugs feed on pretty much anything green in your yard.  When they feel threatened, they emit the odor that made them famous.

Multicolored Asian Lady Beetles

Picture a flying insect that looks like a pretty ladybug and smells like a stink bug.  That’s a multicolored Asian lady beetle.  As the days get warmer, these insects become more active, often landing on furniture or windowsills.

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