How to Keep Bed Bugs from Coming Home with You

Back in the day, even cut-rate hotels and motels could easily get rid of bed bugs. An exterminator just came around once a month and drenched the rooms with Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane, or DDT. This powerful insecticide killed every bug it touched. It had roughly the same effect on pets and people. And, since the chemical was long-lasting, there was a good chance than some DDT molecules would be in your luggage.

The good news is that DDT and its ilk are now illegal. The bad news is that many motels and hotels never stepped up to the plate and used a replacement bed bug control technique. So, instead of insecticide molecules, a few dozen bed bugs may be in your luggage. Follow these tips to keep that from happening.

Know Before You Go

When you travel, as a general rule, more people mean more potential bed bug infestations. There are also a few online registries which keep track of these things.

But take this information with a grain of salt. Like all social media review sites, there’s basically no way to tell whether the individual went to that place and came home with bed bugs. Also, the pest infestation could have been spiders, fleas, or other insects that behave like bed bugs.

Keep an Eye on Pets

Bed bugs prefer humans, but they will also host on pets, but this is not normal. Pet bite patterns are a lot like human bed bug bite patterns. Look for clustered, tiny red bites.

Monitor pet bedding material as well. If you see bed bugs here, wash and dry the bedding in hot water and dry it at extremely high temperatures. Throw away any bedding or toys which have holes in them.

Keep Luggage Clean

If bed bugs move from hotel rooms to your house, it’s almost always through luggage. Be especially vigilant in this area.

When packing, put your clothes in resealable plastic bags. Vacuum-sealed bags are even better.

Upon arrival, immediately put your suitcases on elevated suitcase holders. Do not put them on beds or the floor. If you move clothes into dresser drawers, keep them in those resealable plastic bags. Also, inspect the room. If you see bed bugs or evidence of bed bugs, like tiny droppings, ask for another room.

When you get home, do not put your suitcases in a living area. Keep them in the garage or basement. Also, wash and dry your clothes thoroughly.

If you see bed bugs in your home, call All Solutions Pest Control.

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