Seven Warning Signs of a Termite Infestation

A serious termite infestation could cost thousands of dollars. Typically, homeowners’ insurance does not cover such losses. Therefore, vigilance is extremely important.

If you see any of these warning signs, contact us immediately. It could be a false alarm. If that’s the case, we will tell you. However, the warning sign could also indicate a termite infestation. Early eradication costs pennies on the dollar when compared to repairing termite damage. You simply cannot afford to take chances.


Perhaps the most obvious sign of an infestation occurs during the spring or fall when termites leave the nest in large numbers to look for food. It is hard to miss seeing a cloud of termites near your home. But these swarms usually last only a few minutes and always take place during daylight hours. So, there is a good chance you will miss it. Therefore, it’s best to do a little detective work and look for circumstantial evidence like. . .

Discarded Wings

Swarmers shed their wings almost immediately after they take flight. The discarded wings are tiny and translucent. Not surprisingly, they look like wings. Look for small piles around the foundation or in spider webs.

Mud Trails

Underground termites build thin tubes out of dirt and other debris to travel from the colony to a food source (i.e. your home), protect themselves from predators during their travels, and conserve precious moisture. Mud trails could be almost anywhere, but they are usually in dark, secluded places.


Termite feces resemble very small pellets which are almost like grains of gunpowder. This warning sign might be one of the most alarming ones. If termites are in your home long enough to do their business, they have probably found something they want, and they will be back.

Drywall Holes

No, your drywall will not look like Swiss cheese. The holes are very small, like pinpricks. These warning signs are hard to see, so you must inspect your drywall closely and use plenty of light.

Peeled Paint

If it has not rained recently and your paint is peeling, termites probably caused the damage. At this point, the infestation is probably not too bad. But it is essentially the calm before the storm

Loose or Discolored Tiles

This one is tricky. As termites destroy wood, the excess moisture damages ceiling and other tiles. If the damage has reached this point, it might already be rather severe. Fortunately, the infestation is still treatable at this stage.

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