Top Five Pests in St. Charles, Missouri

Some of the bugs on this top five list are potentially harmful to pets or people. Others destroy property, at least to some extent. All of them are annoying. Since there are over ten quintillion (10,000,000,000,000,000,000) bugs on earth, the balance of nature will not be undone if you get rid of the few in your personal space.


Any standing water attracts mosquitoes. Discarded bottlecaps and overturned children’s toys give mosquitoes enough space to lay hundreds of eggs. To produce these eggs, females use the nutrients in human or animal blood. Only a handful of mosquitoes carry dangerous diseases, like West Nile and Zika. But that’s a very small comfort if you or someone you love is infected.

At All Solutions, we do more than take care of the mosquitoes which are already in your yard. We know how to keep others from taking their place.


These pests feed on wood or cellulose. Every house in St. Charles has these materials in abundance. So, every house in St. Charles is a potential target. Termites are relentless. Once they detect a food source, they will burrow through practically anything to get it.

Generally, termites nest in huge colonies under streets and in other such locations. Therefore, the key to prevention is usually a protective bait station around your home.

Bed Begs

Termites are relentless, and bed bugs are unsettling. Additionally, these tiny creepy crawlies have rather vicious bites for insects of their size.

Once upon a time, bed bugs in hotels were not much of a problem. Then, the EPA banned some powerful chemicals, and many hotel owners failed to adjust. So, if you travel, there is a good chance some unwanted guests will come back in your luggage.

At All Solutions, we understand that effective pest control is not a matter of spraying the harshest available chemical. A targeted approach is much better.


These insects are not as destructive as termites, but they are almost as relentless when searching for food. Generally, any colonies send scouts to look for food. So, if you see one ant on the kitchen floor, there are almost always a lot more nearby.

Treating cracks and crevasses is often the best way to ant-proof your home. Our technicians spend much of their time on this detail work. We use advanced chemicals that are potent to ants in small amounts, so you need not worry about pets or children.

Fleas and Ticks

As the weather warms, these bugs become increasingly active. Some carry diseases, like Lyme’s Disease. All these bugs can make a pet’s life absolutely miserable.

Fleas and ticks are fast and mobile. So, if you have such a problem, our technicians work extra hard to make your backyard an insect-free zone.

Rely on us to get rid of these bugs and other pests in St. Charles County.

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