Mosquitoes in Missouri

Some Things to Know About Mosquitoes in Missouri

The Show Me State is already one of the worst states in the Union for the West Nile virus. Scientists predict that the problem will become even worse in coming years, mostly due to climate change.

Still, the chances of contracting something extremely dangerous, like West Nile or Zika, are quite remote. However, the chances that mosquitoes will ruin planned or spontaneous outdoor events are very high. The good news is that mosquitoes are not particularly hardy insects. So, the right treatment is often very effective.

Mosquito Living Habits

Most people know that standing water attracts mosquitoes. However, most people do not know how little water it takes. The problem is not limited to birdbaths, yard depressions, and children’s play tools. Small items, like overturned Hot Wheels cars or discarded bottlecaps, attract almost as many mosquitoes as the bigger items.

Mosquitoes breed in standing water because the moisture nourishes and shields the eggs. These eggs are so tiny that any movement in the water could destroy them.

Additionally, and contrary to popular myth, mosquitoes do not feed on blood. The females use it to produce eggs. Instead, mosquitoes usually feed on nectar, plant juice, and honeydew. These plants are pretty and nice, but you may want to consider getting rid of them. That’s especially true if you have mosquito problems.

Getting Rid of Them

Depriving mosquitoes of water and food is a good way to get rid of them. Also, during barbecues and other outdoor events, consider setting up fans in the yard. As mentioned, mosquitoes are not particularly strong. They cannot fly against even a light breeze.

Some people have success wit bug zappers and home remedies. But mosquitoes are extremely unpredictable, except for their feeding and breeding habits. So, home remedies are probably in the it-can’t-hurt category. Just don’t expect to see noticeable results.

At All Solutions, we take a more proactive approach. We believe that prevention is the best way to eliminate mosquitoes and other outdoor pests. Our technicians create an invisible barrier around your property. This barrier keeps the bugs out and keeps chemicals away from pets and people.

Count on us to get control of the mosquitoes you have and keep others from following them.

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