Why Do Pests Come Into My Business?

People have some basic needs for survival, including food and shelter. Insects have those same needs, albeit on a much smaller scale. A few breadcrumbs can feed a colony of ants and spiders are perfectly happy in under those shelves in the back of your storage room. So, it’s little wonder that pests make their way into your business.

There is an important point here. Bugs come from the outside to the inside. Therefore, only treating the inside of your business for pests will probably not do much good. They will just come back. So, do not be surprised if our technicians spend more time on the outside of your business than on the inside.

Some Self-Help Tips

There are some preventative measures you can take. These things may not completely eradicate bugs, but they can at least drive them into hiding and keep them out of site.

  • Garbage Disposal: As a rule of thumb, never let garbage cans get more than about three-fourths full. The same guideline applies to outdoor dumpsters. Also, make sure the areas around these waste disposal units is relatively clean.
  • Seal Cracks: A mouse can squeeze through an opening the size of a dime. Many insects can move through gaps not much thicker than fingernails. Seal as many of these cracks as possible and install weather stripping under doors.
  • Change Mop Heads: Moisture is another basic insect need. Once again, it doesn’t take much. Damp mops and sponges are like magnets for bugs.

Diligence is key, because these are ongoing issues.

Call the Professionals

Diligence is also important in this area. We usually recommend quarterly treatments for most businesses. If your company has lots of foot traffic, more frequent treatments are appropriate. The same is true if you have a grocery or other type of store and one or two bugs could wreck your business’ reputation.

When seeking food, shelter, or moisture, most insects follow the path of least resistance. So, our technicians usually create a protective barrier around the perimeter of your business. That’s often enough to deter migrating insects and convince them to go elsewhere.Reach out to us for more help in this area.

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