Tips to Protect Your Pets from Pests

Tips to Protect Your Pets from Pests

Your pets are part of your family. Some people even call them their “fur babies.” You may buy the best food you can afford for your pet, and take them to the vet for regular shots and checkups. But, are you doing everything you can do to protect them from pests? We think of fleas and ticks when it comes to our dogs and cats. There are, however, other kinds of pests that can torment your pets. Here are some tips to protect your pets from pests that may make their lives miserable.

Keep the Lawn

An unruly lawn is no sin. Everybody lets the lawn get away from them now and then. However, a wild yard or garden is a haven for ticks. They love tall grass. Some of the diseases that ticks carry are:

  • Lyme disease
  • Ehrlichiosis
  • Anaplasmosis

By keeping the grass mown, you reduce the cover for ticks.

Avoid Dusk and Dawn

Many insects, especially mosquitoes, are more active at dawn and dusk. If you keep your pets indoors, they are less likely to get bitten by mosquitoes. This helps to keep them more comfortable. Even if you have your mammals on heart worm preventative, mosquito bites still itch and can become irritated. 

Discourage Ants

Ants eat pet feces. The feces is full of protein, and attracts ants. If your dogs come in from the outdoors itching and uncomfortable, it could be because they have received ant bites while they were outside. Ants can also be a big problem for outdoor aviaries. Protect your pets from ants by cleaning up pet feces. Have an exterminator visit periodically to spray for ants. 

Clean House

Do you ever get tired of chores? Well, a clean, well-maintained house is one of the keys to controlling pests. Vacuuming the floors, furniture, and pet bedding will not only eliminate pest habitat, it will vacuum the pests right out of your house. Keep your screens repaired and maintain the outside of your house so that bugs can not get in easily. 

Control Water

Your animals should have fresh water every day. This is not only healthier for the pets, it discourages mosquitoes from breeding. Make sure there is no stagnant water in the trays under your flower pots or birdbaths, and check the swimming pool cover. Your sprinkler system may have puddles around the sprinkler heads. All of these places will be a breeding ground for pests. 


Bathing the pets may rank right up there with cleaning house, but it is also the best way to control pests. Medicated shampoos will discourage pests from making their homes in your pets’ fur and feathers, and regular bathing literally washes away many of the pests themselves. So, bathe those pets and keep them healthy and bug-free. 

Protect your pets from insects that can make their lives miserable or make them sick. They can’t do it for themselves.

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