Why Ants Are Worse in the Spring

Why Ants Are Worse in the Spring

Were you terrified of the problems that ants posed in your household in spring? Did you have a hard time dealing with them? Well, luckily, for this year, spring might be over, but your problem with ants may continue next year too. That’s unless you take proper measures to stop them from invading your home. Maybe we can help you with that! Contact us at All Solutions Pest Control to book an appointment with our team of professional pest removal experts. We can give you the best advice regarding how you can completely prevent the notorious ants and other pesky creatures from ever entering your household.

Why Must You Stop Ants Before They Enter Your Home in Spring?  

With spring comes delightful and warm weather, gentle breeze, and blooming flowers. However, unfortunately, it also invites a certain group of unwanted pests into our homes. Ants find spring the most favorable time for foraging food. If you don’t take proper precautions, your house and property may become a likely home and feeding ground for them. 

The only good news is that except for the carpenter ant, all other ants are mostly harmless. You can consider them simply as nuisance pests that cannot cause damage to your home. The bad news, however, is that once they settle into your home, they can be very difficult to get rid of. And do you know of the most worrying thing about ants? Once you spot a few of them roaming around your room, it is highly likely that there are thousands more in a colony nearby. 

Ants invade your homes to hunt for sweet, fatty foods high in protein, ideally found in your kitchen. Ants always leave a scent trail to the location of their food for other members of their colony to follow. They won’t stop unless you take proper actions to eliminate them completely from your household. 

Besides foraging for food and bringing harmful germs along with them, ants can also make your home a permanent residence. That’s if you don’t take swift action. The locations where they will build their nests vary from one ant species to another. They can range from the moldings of your home, behind wall voids, underneath your kitchen sink to behind your baseboards. Once they find a well-hidden nesting area, it can become extremely hard to get rid of them. Then you will most likely require professional help to accomplish the task and safely exterminate them from your property. 

What Steps Can You Take to Prevent the Nuisance of Ants?

During spring, ants become more active and start looking for new areas to expand their colony and find new food sources. The warm moderate temperature during spring allows the ants to thrive in a place that remains warm at night and where food and water are close at hand. Unfortunately, our homes fit the description perfectly. Surely you don’t want to share your house with these pesky creatures. To ensure that, here are some easy precautionary steps that you can take to prevent an ant infestation. 

Ants are excellent scavengers and can crawl their way through even the smallest of cracks or crevices to gain access to your home. Once inside, they immediately go off in search of a food source using their tremendous sense of smell with which they can sniff out food from very far. Therefore, it is very important to avoid anything that might attract ants to your home.

Keep Your Home Clean and Tidy

The most important precautionary measure you must take is keeping your homes neat and clean. If you happen to spill even a tiny bread crumb on the floor, you will eventually find ants lurking beside it after some time unless you clean it up as quickly as possible. 

Properly clean your kitchen floor and other portions of the house where food is stored. Wash away your dishes after your meals. Don’t let them stay unclean in your sink or postpone the washing for tomorrow. 

Simple chores like sweeping your floors, washing your dishes quickly, and properly cleaning up the table can go a long way to ensure that your home stays ant and pest free for the rest of the year. 

Bait Them Out

Using bait, you can draw the ants out in the open from their hiding places and entice them to eat the small pieces of slow-acting poison thinking of them as food. They carry that poison back to their nest and slowly help in eradicating all the other members. 

To make an effective bait, you need to use poison which is quite impossible to detect by smell because ants can easily detect whether the thing is eatable or not based on its smell. 

Find And Eliminate Their Nest

Another solution is to kill the line of ants using chemical powders or sprays. The measure is a bit risky especially if you have small children or pets at home. However, it can easily lead you back to the nest of the ants, which you can now easily destroy and kill their colony.

Check Everything

To prevent ant nests from building around your house, you must make sure that all your cracks and holes are well closed off and your pipes and electrical outlets sealed. Examine whether your weather stripping and door screens are in the proper condition or not to make sure they are adequately maintained. Keep all your food and its sources in well-air-tight containers. After certain intervals, clean your basement and keep your house clutter-free.  

Ants can be very persistent if not removed completely and swiftly. Despite your precautions, they might still find a way into your home in spring if you are not careful. It’s good that ants do not carry any disease, or we would have been in a precarious position otherwise. These tiny creatures are attracted by food and warmth that is easily available in human dwellings. To ensure complete safety from this notorious pest, call us at All Solutions Pest Control at the earliest and receive expert ant removal treatment from our team of professionals.

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