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Flea Control Wentzville

Flea Exterminator WentzvilleFleas can be an annoying pest that are really hard to get rid of. They are good at hiding in the hair and skin of pets like your dog and cat and can quickly spread to other areas of the home as well if you do not use caution. Before long, they have found a way to infest your whole home and you find yourself needing flea control.

If you find there are already fleas in your home, then it is time to call in the professionals to handle all of your flea control needs. At All Solutions Pest Control, we are here to help with all of your pest problems, including fleas! Contact us today to get started.

The Danger of Fleas

Fleas can pose a danger to you and your pets. They will often bite, causing a lot of itching and discomfort. And since fleas have no problem hopping from one animal to the next, it is possible they will carry around a whole host of diseases at the same time. This means that when they bite you or your pets, they could make everyone really sick.

It is best to avoid fleas as much as possible. Staying away from areas that may have a high amount of fleas, wearing deterrents so the fleas do not come after you, and keeping your home clean are all good ways to make sure the fleas do not come and attack you. Cleaning bedding and other items can make a difference as well.

How Do Fleas Get Into My Home?

The most common way that fleas are going to get into your home is through your dogs and cats. These little pests can get into the hair of your pets and then follow them right into the home. With all of that thick fur, you will find that it is hard to notice the fleas until they start to infest your home.

Your pets are not the only way that these fleas can make it inside your home though. In some cases, fleas will also come in on the hair and clothes of humans. If you are in the forest or near a lake or another similar place, fleas can get on you as well and follow you into your home. You should always check yourself and any family members before they come into your home in case they do have fleas hidden, and clean any clothing and other items that went out as well.

Are There Ways to Prevent Fleas in My Home?

There are a few steps that you can take to prevent fleas in your own home. One of the best ways is to treat your pets for fleas. These are the number one way that fleas will get into your home. Having a flea collar or using a special medication from the vet is a good way to kill off the fleas and make sure they do not get into your home.

If you already have fleas in your home, make sure to clean everything. Your pets will need a full treatment at that time and all of their bedding needs to be cleaned well. Consider cleaning any clothes of yours that may have come in contact with the fleas or the pet as well.

In some cases, the fleas may already have taken over your home and it is time to take stronger methods to get it under control. In these situations, you need to call in professional flea control in Wentzville, MO to help you out. They can locate all of the fleas and will make sure they are not able to take over your home.

Do I Need Professional Flea Control?

If you live in the Wentzville, MO area, you may wonder whether you need professional flea control or not. Fleas can be dangerous to have in your home. Not only do they itch and feel disgusting, they can also carry a lot of diseases that are not good for the whole family. Finding the best way to control the fleas and get them out of your home is a great way to keep everyone healthy and safe.

At All Solutions Pest Control, we are happy to help with all of your professional flea control needs. We understand that fleas can quickly take over your whole home and cause a lot of issues and that homeowners want to get rid of these fleas as quickly as possible. When you are ready to take care of the fleas in your home, contact us today!


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