Fall Pest Invaders Missouri

What are Fall Invaders?

During the autumn months we may notice an increase in invaders in our homes. No, not the Space Invaders video game from the 1980’s but actual pests that invade our homes. Let’s examine what fall invaders are and some commonsense tips to help prevent them from taking over.

Fall Invaders

Every fall you may notice an increase in the number of pests that you find in and around your home. They are knocking at the door to our homes to get in. Have you ever stopped to question why they are doing this?

As the weather starts to turn colder, insects are in search of a warm or warmer place to spend the cold upcoming winter months. Our homes provide the warmth and comfort that they are looking for, with all of the holiday snacks they can eat.

During the winter months they really don’t do much of anything. They do not breed, eat or grow during this time period. They simply are waiting out these cold winter months in our homes until spring returns and they can return to their normal lives.

What is the Problem

While it may sound like a nice little migration pattern, they can get beyond being a nuisance in your home. They can cause disease and illnesses for yourself and your family. They tend to leave stains behind, and no one likes a guest who stains the carpet. Some can even create an offensive odor throughout your home. And these are residents of your home that you didn’t even invite in.

Depending on the area of the country that you live in you will notice that there are different types of “invaders”. These can range from different types of flies to stink bugs to many species of beetles. Regardless of the type of invader, you will more than likely want to keep them out of your home.

Keep Out

Here are some basic ideas for keeping them away:

You can use an insecticide or natural remedy to keep them away. When using these be sure to check the chemical content and be extra careful if you have children and/or pets that either live with you or will be visiting you during the holiday season. This can spell disaster for the most wonderful time of the year.

Seal everything. Take a look around the outside of your home. Since you want to keep these invaders there check to see if you have any gaps and/or cracks that may allow them to enter your home uninvited. If there are any, use a good caulk to close any gaps.

Declutter. Invaders love clutter so it is in your best interest to declutter the home. Remove anything that you do not need from your home, and this will give them less places to hide.

Door sweeps. You may want to invest in some door sweeps if you do not already have them in place. These can keep out unwelcome guests from being able to enter your home from the doors of your home.

Weatherstripping. If you have loose or worn weatherstripping, now is the time to replace or repair it. Any crevice that you have is a potential place for the invader to enter.

Traps. There are a plethora of different types of traps that are available that can help keep unwanted critters out. Anything from light traps to sticky glue traps can help alleviate some of the issues with these pests.

Do not attempt to remove nests on your own. Especially those that have invaders that sting. By avoiding these and leaving their removal up to a professional, you are potentially avoiding a trip to the hospital yourself if you are allergic to their sting.

Food. Put it away. Do not leave out food and if you spill anything be sure to pick it up and clean it up. This will ensure that you and not inadvertently inviting them in for a feast that was not intended.


While fall is one of the happiest and beautiful times of the year, it is also one that is faced with many pesty home invaders. By taking he proper precautions and actions, you can make it so they do not invade your home and decide to invade somewhere else.

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