Did You Know Spiders......

Did You Know Spiders……

Spiders are fascinating creatures that are present all around us in thousands of varieties. All of them behave and look different according to the species they belong to. While almost all species of spiders look somewhat creepy, there are some species that can cause serious bodily harm to humans. If you are seeing spiders around the house give All Solutions Pest Control a call today, we would love to be your local pest control expert!

Here are the top 25 facts about spiders:

  1. Spiders belong to the class arachnids.
  2. According to studies, spiders are never ten feet away from you. However, you don’t need to worry. Most of the time, they mind their own business, hiding away in nooks and crevices.
  3. Studies show that there are more than 30000 different species of spiders present on earth. Each of them has its own unique features and looks and can be found in various shapes and sizes. Scientists believe that several species of spiders are yet to be discovered.
  4. A majority of species of spiders have eight eyes. However, there are some species that have only six eyes. Some species even have less than six eyes. In addition to that, they always come in pairs.
  5. Some species of spiders (like the brown recluse spider) have venom, and if such a spider bites you, it can lead to some risky health complications. However, most species of spiders don’t bite humans and don’t really have such strong venom.
  6. Unlike humans, spiders are known to have blue blood. This is because, in a spider’s blood, oxygen is bound to a copper molecule.
  7. Spiders produce silk as a watery gel in their silk glands. As it stretches and comes in contact with air, the gel solidifies into silk.
  8. Spiders use their silk to build webs, wrap up their prey, build egg sacs, build safety lines while escaping, and also in the dispersal of young.
  9. An abandoned spider web is known as a cobweb.
  10. These creatures rarely work together. A web generally contains a single spider.
  11. Spiders build webs in a variety of forms. Even though they might appear weak and brittle, they are extremely strong.
  12. Spider’s web is thought to be at least five times tougher than steel having the same weight. Moreover, it is believed that a strand of silk as thick as a pencil could stop an airplane in flight.
  13. Some species of spiders can create more than seven kinds of silk. For example, stretchy, sticky, smooth, etc.
  14. Spiders are nearsighted.
  15. Some species don’t use their webs to capture insects. Rather they actively hunt their prey.
  16. In Central America, a species of spider known as the Bagheera kiplingi are known to be herbivorous.
  17. Patu marplesi is the smallest known species of spider. They are so tiny that you can fit ten such spiders on the end of a pencil.
  18. The biggest known spider species is the Goliath Birdeater. It is known to be around eleven inches wide.
  19. Jumping spiders can view more colors than humans.
  20. The web of a golden orb spider is so strong that it can catch small birds as well.
  21. Wolf spiders are one of the fastest known spiders. They can run at a speed of around two feet per second.
  22. The largest species of tarantulas are known to kill certain kinds of lizards, birds, and mice.
  23. Trapdoor spiders are similar to some spiders that were found more than 300 million years ago. That’s why they are called living fossils.
  24. Spiders can’t chew their food since they don’t have teeth. They inject certain digestive juices into their prey and then eat the liquefied substance.
  25. A long time ago, people used to apply spider web on wounds to stop bleeding. This might be because it contains vitamin K.

Spider control not only removes makes your house more hygienic but also helps keep your pets and family members safe. At All Solutions Pest Control, we take spider control very seriously and do everything necessary to get rid of those dangerous insects. So, go ahead and give us a call at 636-486-7888 or mail us at [email protected] to get the best pest control service.

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