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Why Do Pests Come Into My Business?

Pest infestations can come as a surprise to not only homeowners but business owners as well. Once pests have settled in your place of business, they can become a real nuisance. A pest infestation can physically damage your inventory as well as your structure. A study showed that businesses often spend more than $20 billion every year because of property damage caused by rats. In addition to that, they constantly defecate and urinate on whatever they happen to be standing on. Pests can also cause and spread several kinds of diseases. This kind of physical damage can reduce the morale and productivity of your employees. It also exposes your business to legal actions and potential regulatory sanctions.

Here are some of the common mistakes that are attracting pests into your business:

  • Open food – Pests need food to live and breed. If you forget to clean food scraps or leave food items in the open, it can attract mice, cockroaches, etc. They can’t resist even a small amount of mess. Spilled or open foods become a veritable feast for them.
  • Warmth – Several pests search for cozy places when the weather outdoors gets cold. Your place of business might just become the perfect spot for them. Several bugs like lady beetles, stink bugs, etc., search for protected areas where they can stay during the cold winters, and your place might just fit their requirements.
  • Leaks – Leaks not only create molds and other structural problems, but they also attract a large variety of pests into your business. Damp areas attract rats and cockroaches. On the other hand, mosquitoes can get a place to lay their eggs in there’s stagnant water. Leaks can also damage wooden structures, and damp woods create an optimal place for termites and other such wood-boring insects to infest the area. In addition to that, a majority of pests can survive solely on water. If there’s an area in your building that accumulates a lot of moisture or if you have any water leaks, you should get it repaired as soon as you can.
  • Unused drains – A drain that hasn’t been used for a long time can easily become the breeding ground for pests. A dormant drain that has organic material and a little amount of water can become a perfect home for fleas, cockroaches, and other kinds of pests. The slimy film present inside unused drains makes them an ideal breeding ground for pests.
  • Leaving trash for a long time – Pests are attracted to food and waste. A sure-fire way to invite pests into your business is by not throwing away the trash regularly. In addition to disposing of your garbage in a proper way, you also have to clean the trash bins every alternate week to ensure that there is no waste residue in there that can attract pests.
  • Clutter – Even though clutter might not contain any food item, it can still attract different types of pests. Clutter is a natural environment for several kinds of pests, irrespective of whether it’s a few boxes lying around or a stack of papers or newspapers. Small insects like spiders, silverfish, and cockroaches often make these kinds of clutters their homes. These insects are attracted to the cellulose present in paper and feed on them. In addition to them, rodents like rats can also make their nests in such dark clutters.
  • Broken screens – Broken screens and vents, cracks in the doorways and walls form entryway for pests. Some holes might be so tiny that you might not be able to notice them, but small insects can easily enter through them. Pests are also lured in by the odor of foods that passes throng cracks in screens.

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