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Wasp Control Wentzville MO

Wasp Exterminator WentzvilleWhen you have wasps in Wentzville, MO, you need professional wasp control as soon as possible. Wasps can be dangerous and aggressive, causing some major harm to you and your family. At All Solutions Pest Control, we promise to provide you with professional wasp control right away!

Different Types of Wasps

When wasps start to get near your home, many homeowners worry about getting stung or hurt in the process. Recognizing the different types of wasps can help you know how dangerous they are and can make it easier when you call in professional wasp control in in Wentzville, MO to help you out. Some of the most common types of wasps you may encounter include:

  1. Yellowjacket wasp: The yellowjacket wasp will live in a nest along with the queen wasp. The queen will be responsible for laying eggs and the nest may have more than 1000 additional worker wasps. They are aggressive and if they feel threatened, they are likely to sting.
  2. Paper wasp: Paper wasps have distinct yellow markings and a black belly. They are not as aggressive as some other options, but their sting will cause allergic reactions sometimes.
  3. Mud dauber wasp: These wasps love to paralyze spiders to feed their young. They are solitary creatures and will seal off their nests with mud. It is uncommon for these to sting and some homeowners like to keep them around for pest control.
  4. Bald-faced hornet: These are unique wasps that have white markings on their face. The queen will chew on the cellulose from rotting wood to make the nest. The nests can get big, up to two feet. They are aggressive wasps as well.
  5. Cuckoo wasps: These wasps like to lay eggs in the nests of other wasps. They are small and do not attack as much as other wasps, but may be a sign that you have more than one type in your home.

If you have any of these wasps in your yard, it is time to call in professional wasp control in Wentzville, MO to help eliminate the problem and keep your family safe.

Why are Wasps So Dangerous?

Wasps can be dangerous to you and your family. Most wasps are aggressive, meaning that they will attack if they sense any kind of danger around them and their nests. This often results in a sting from the wasp when they feel threatened. And unlike bees, wasps can sting more than one time. The stinger will not come off, so an individual wasp can sting someone as many times as they would like.

Not only do these wasp stings hurt, but they may cause an allergic reaction on whomever is being stung. When this is done many times over, it can be really dangerous to the individual being harmed. This is why you should consider professional wasp control in Wentzville, MO right away if you see wasps in your home.

How to Control Wasps

There are a few methods that you can try to get rid of wasps. Prevention is the best cure so keeping food and other items that attract the wasps to your home is one of the bests things to do. Keep your home and yard cleaned up and make sure the trash is pushed far enough away that it will not attract the wasps.

Some homeowners choose to make a trap as well. A simple trap with sugar, water, and a type of poison (borax works great for this), can be placed into a jar and used to bait the wasps. The wasps may try it out and maybe bring some back to the nest so it kills off other wasps as well.

It is usually best to hire professional wasp control in Wentzville, MO if you find wasps around your home. While some of the methods above will help to remove the wasps if you just see a few of them, professionals can come in and make sure all the wasps are gone before they become aggressive and harm anyone around your home.

Do I Need Professional Wasp Control in Wentzville, MO?

While there are a few different methods that you can try on your own to take care of the wasps, it is best to work with professional wasp control in Wentzville, MO. Our team can take care of all your wasp problems, making sure that they will not attack your family and everyone will be safe. When you have a wasp problem around your home, contact us at All Solutions Pest Control to get started right away!


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