What to Look For When Hiring a Pest Control Professional

Enter a search phrase like “pest control near me” and dozens of results will pop up on your screen. How can you distinguish one professional from another?

User reviews are often very insightful.  But there is no way to tell if the reviewer actually used that company or not.  So, Google Reviews provides important insight, but a review is certainly not dispositive.


As the old saying goes, there is no substitute for experience.  Experienced professionals know pest habits.  For example, they know that pests usually come from the outside to the inside.  So, if you have an issue with indoor insects like ants, it’s very important to identify and close the entrance point. Otherwise, they might very well come back.

Experienced professionals also know about how long a job will take after just a telephone or online consultation.  So, you do not get a price quote of one figure and a bill for something radically different.


A locally-owned pest control company knows the neighborhood and the people.  That knowledge makes it easier to deal with pest infestations using the least intrusive means possible.  Nationwide companies, on the other hand, must usually act according to corporate manuals.  These manuals might or might not fit your needs.

Moreover, when you work with a local pest control agency, every dollar you spend stays at home. When you work with a nationwide company, much of your money goes to an out-of-state corporation.


Many pest control companies are mysterious.  They show up and do not explain what they are doing or what chemicals they are using.  That approach makes the homeowner completely dependent on the pest control company.  So, if the pest control company hesitates to provide details, that’s a bad sign.

At All Solutions, we see customers as partners.  The more information you have, the stronger that partnership is.  So, we are completely transparent when it comes to pricing and methods.  There are no secrets and no surprises.


This final area might require a little research.  But this investment keeps you from spending money on the wrong pest control provider.  Look for the individual experience of team members.  Additionally, the pest control company, and not a semi-trained subcontractor, should provide all services.  If the company does not affirmatively state this fact as policy, they probably do not adhere to these practices.  A poorly-trained crew might cost less, but they will probably have to come out again and re-treat the area.

If pests are annoying you, make the right choice and call us now.

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