Where Can Mosquitoes Live?

Where Can Mosquitoes Live?

Mosquitoes are probably one of the most annoying hassles that all people have to put up with at one time or another. These pesky little bloodsuckers love to make their presence known at the worst times. It could be a nice, relaxing night out under the stars with friends or a barbecue with family and you will suddenly feel the sting of a mosquito bite. That pain is then quickly followed by the persistent itchy feeling at the sight of the bite that won’t go away and will cause you to scratch and scratch and scratch. If you are noticing mosquitoes, give us a call today so we can help with mosquito control!

Mosquitoes are an awful nuisance and getting rid of them sometimes feels impossible. While you can rely on a professional pest control company to eliminate your mosquito problem, there are other homemade remedies you can rely on too. However, none of these solutions can do anything if you don’t know some basics about mosquitoes. For example, if you don’t know where these bugs breed and live, you will have no ability to stop them in their tracks before they become a major problem. Most people don’t know much about mosquitoes but knowledge is power, especially when you are trying to rid your home and yard of mosquitoes.

The mosquito life cycle is more complicated than you might imagine. Understanding that will help you understand the best places to avoid if you are looking to get away from mosquitoes. One thing to keep in mind is that standing water is usually an open invitation for these bugs. Why is that? That’s because mosquitoes often lay their eggs in standing water. Standing water can appear in many different ways, from a pond to a puddle to a kiddie pool. Mosquitoes aren’t that particular about standing water, they will even reside in damp soil or flooded grass. Any area that hasn’t dried out is a prime location for a mosquito to lay its eggs.

When an egg is laid, the mosquito larvae will develop in the water and eat algae, bacteria, and other essentials for their growth cycle. Once the larvae enters the pupal stage of its life cycle, it will remain in the water, though it will not be eating or molting at all. Once it emerges from the pupal casing, the mosquito is considered an adult. However, it won’t fly away from its birthplace any time soon. Mosquitoes will still linger around the surface of the water as their wings harden and allow them to fly away.

An adult mosquito is able to fly around on its own and stake out new territory, and new places to suck blood of humans and animals. At this point, they will travel wherever they want and that is why you can find mosquitoes practically anywhere as long as the weather is suitable. But even though adult mosquitoes are able to venture in any areas, you can be sure that they won’t be too far from standing water since that is where they are all born and raised. As well, any female mosquitoes will be close to standing water some of the time so they can lay more eggs.

Even though mosquitoes can be anywhere once they hit adulthood, standing water is still an issue because that is where mosquitoes will most commonly frequent. While you might have a mosquito problem in other parts of your yard, you will notice that you have a much more severe situation near any pond, puddle, pool, or standing body of water. In fact, it might be downright impossible to move around standing water without being bit by mosquitoes. That’s because that will always be their most popular location due to the nature of a mosquito’s life cycle.

You can understand why it is so important to get rid of these problem areas if you are trying to eliminate the mosquito problem in your yard. You can also understand why humidity is a cause for concern too. Why is that? Because humidity is a sign of water in the air and likely nearby. If there is a lot of humidity in an area, there is the strong possibility of some standing water nearby too.

Thankfully, one of the few places that mosquitoes don’t like to live is inside your house. They tend to be outside, especially close to locations where they can lay and grow their eggs. That doesn’t mean that mosquitoes won’t get into your house, they will. They will go anywhere there is blood to devour. However, it’s not their first choice and you shouldn’t have a problem with mosquitoes laying their eggs in your house. But any place outside that has a lot of standing, warm water is a recipe for a mosquito hotbed.

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