Winter Pests

When the weather cools off and the snow deepens, we usually have much more on our minds than household pests. We shovel the driveway, check the heat tape on plumbing, and make sure the pets’ water bowls are thawed. We either dread or anticipate snow-days, and enjoy our fireplaces. […]

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Pest Control for Fall Invaders

Pest Control for Fall Invaders
As cold weather approaches, we will see an increase in certain pests in our houses. Pests, such as mice, roaches, spiders, and ants, will find a way to remain active once they get into your nice, cozy house. So, what kind of fall invaders can we expect?
Some outdoor spiders do […]

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Fall Pest Prevention Tips for Missouri Homeowners

Fall Pest Prevention Tips for Missouri Homeowners
Mice, stink bugs, spiders, and other fall pests in St. Louis are making their ways into homes across the state. As the weather cools, pests look for a nice, warm place to over-winter. The problem is that most of these pests can cause damage to your home and […]

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Bed Bug Outbreak

The Bed Bug Outbreak
Bed bugs are an invasive yet minute species. During WWII, they were brought to the U.S. by veterans and immigrants who carried them in their clothing, duffel bags, and luggage. Bed Bugs spread across the country in pandemic  proportions. In those days, DDT was used to stop the infestation. Since then […]

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Fun Things to Do in St. Charles County

Fun Things to Do in St. Charles County
St. Charles County is one of the fastest-growing counties in the country. It is an area rich in history and culture, with nationally recognized wineries and vineyards. It has two major interstate highways running right through it, so it’s easy to get there. So, why would you […]

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Pest Control Vs. Pest Exterminator

Pest Control Vs. Pest Exterminator
Is there a difference between pest control and pest extermination? Technically, yes. If you practice pest control, you won’t keep the pest exterminator as busy. But there are other differences – differences that will be important for your health and safety.
Kill Them All!
Most people want to see dead bugs after […]

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Avoid Fleas This Summer

Tips To Avoid Fleas This Summer
Fleas are some of the deadliest bugs on the planet. The flea itself is not much to look at. At no more than 2 mm long, they are almost invisible. However, they and their favorite transportation – rats – were responsible for one of the greatest plagues in history. […]

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